The Essential Ingredients of a Memorable Brand Logo

A logo is a businesses’ most recognisable and used asset. It appears on everything from the website and business cards to the stock packaging and virtually every other touch point with the brand. Sometimes it may be the only way that customers can get a feel for what type of business you are and what you represent, for example in an ad or directory.

Before embarking on a branding project, it can pay to do your research. Look for inspiration and examples of things that you do (and don’t) like – full service agency Simple have some outstanding examples in their portfolio at that depict how the logo fits in an organisation’s overall brand identity. Visit to view some of their award winning, visually striking and memorable brand identity case studies.

Read on to find out four ways to make sure your new logo is remembered for the right reasons.

Bespoke Design

While there are a myriad of browser based design tools and generators available online, your logo is too valuable to be risking on a generic, non-descript icon that potentially thousands of other businesses are also using. Professional, customised graphic design isn’t always cheap, but it can be affordable and represents value even for the most boot strapped start-ups.

It Should Be Scalable (and look good in black and white)

Your logo needs to be designed so that it can be resized but still look good no matter how it is applied. Odd shapes may be visually striking, but they can be difficult to use. For example, an elongated rectangular shaped logo might look great on your shop signage, but will it have the same impact when it’s printed on your car door? Colour can and should be an important part of the design, but keep in mind that there may be times where the logo will be printed in black and white. Will it still be effective?

Create Symbols and Icons

Think about the Nike tick symbol – whether you see it on the side of a sneaker by itself or printed with the brand name, it is as synonymous with the iconic sports brand as the Nike name itself. Having graphic elements that can also stand alone to subtly promote your brand is a really effective way to ensure that your identity sticks in people’s minds.

Make It Timeless

If you love a current design trend, consider using it in some of your other marketing materials rather than your logo. Think about a pizza chain like Domino’s – their logo remains the same, but they incorporate funky, on trend design elements like the chalkboard effect in their boxes, menus, flyers and other easily updatable consumables.

The modern world is too busy for complicated logos – when thinking about the type of visual representation you want for your brand you need to make sure that the design you settle on reflects your brand’s values and personality, even if somebody only glances at it for a few seconds.

Which company do you think has the most recognisable and memorable logo?

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