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A Guide To Coworking Spaces In NZ

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Coworking in New Zealand has transformed itself from being a trend to being a staple in the business community. In fact, since these offices have opened up years ago, the city is beginning to see coworking branch out in the variations of the popular work platform. In the beginning, coworking housed mostly the fledgeling start-up, ...

Going Solo? These Are The Stablest Freelance Careers

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More British workers than ever are going freelance, with around 15% of the working population classing themselves as self-employed, including around 2 million freelancers. Considering the benefits this type of employment offers, from having autonomy over which jobs you pick up, the ability to be your own boss, and flexible working hours, it’s clearly an ...

5 Key Benefits of Getting Certified

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Getting certified is a time-consuming commitment and often requires financial investment. Many people may not consider this to be a key component to their career from forming views of their peers or competition. There are some professionals out there who have managed to achieve inspiring results whilst being non-certified. Regardless of this, this is neither ...

4 Companies Disrupting the Skincare Industry (and Killing it)

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Making a splash in the $445 billion beauty industry — one dominated by cosmetics and skincare giants like L’oreal, Olay, and the like — sounds like an intimidating feat. But innovative startups, recognizing the unique, unmet needs of both consumers and beauty entrepreneurs, are filling unique niches and shaking up the entire game at the same time.   Here ...

When to Let Contractors Handle the Work

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In business, it's essential to control costs. That's an easy way to expand profits without having to find more market share or change pricing strategies. One very common way to reduce costs is to find ways to do work in-house rather than hiring someone to do it. But like many cost-cutting moves, this is one that ...

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