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3 Tips For Pharmacy Managers

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From customer satisfaction to reimbursement regulations, pharmacies have a lot to deal with, whether it’s keeping track of hundreds or thousands of prescriptions. There are easy ways pharmacy owners and managers can help alleviate that stress. For example, there are ways to electronically keep tabs of all prescriptions that were dispensed to specific patients to ...

5 Ways to Grow Your Business

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Owning a business is hard. Knowing how to grow that business and make it prosper can be even harder. But it's important to note that when you grow your business and cater to your customers, you'll see more profits, get more clients, end up serving larger areas and markets. And in the end, you might ...

5 Challenges that Startup Businesses Face

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Launching a startup can be a stressful experience – there are lots of things you need to take into consideration.  If you are thinking of taking the leap and starting your own business – we have listed some of the common challenges that you may face to make sure you are prepared. Recruitment Getting the right team ...

How to advance your software testing career

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Becoming a software tester is many people’s idea of a dream job. But there’s more to it than sitting around at a computer all day. Well, okay, you will be sitting around at a computer all day, but you won’t be procrastinating. You’ll be tasked with verifying a computer system/program to ensure it meets a ...

What is Premise Liability Law?

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Premise liability is a set of laws that hold landowners and tenants liable when someone accesses their premise and gets hurt because of a hazardous condition. Like other personal injury cases, a premise liability lawsuit is based on negligence – though its doctrines may vary slightly than in other personal injury cases. Landowners (or non-owner residents) ...

Jerome Karam Is Shaking Up The Real Estate Industry In Texas And Louisiana

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Jerome Karam attended the Louisiana State University for his undergraduate studies. After that, he proceeded to Texas Southern University in May 1990 for his Juris Doctor Degree. Jerome then established his private practice in business litigation and personal injury law. Karam has assisted more than one thousand clients in the two areas of law practice ...

Best Apps for Home Businesses

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If you run a business from your home, then it’s more than likely that your days are full. For this reason, it’s critical for you to have apps that allow you to remain in control of everything. Here’s a quick look at a few apps that every home business owner needs to be using.   Evernote Evernote is ...

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