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If you are attending a corporate event in the near future, your planning efforts should be focussed on making sure that your business is represented well. As part of your networking strategy, you and your employees will need a name badge. This isn’t something that should be neglected. A well-designed badge will grab attention and improve your brand awareness, while a poorly designed badge will leave a bad first impression.
Staff Badges Direct have provided some tips on how to create the best name badges for your upcoming event.

Crafting the Perfect Name Badge

As we’ve already summarised, it’s important to craft the perfect name badge when representing a business at a corporate event. Leaving a good first impression is vitally important and may be the difference between generating new business and losing out. To create the best possible representation of your business, designing the badge is the first and most important. Make sure you pay attention to this stage and put forward the right amount of attention. Even if you are busy preparing for other aspects of the event, don’t leave it to the last minute.

One of the first design elements to consider is who will be wearing the badge and what level of information is required. If someone has a particularly long name, for example, you want to take this into account during the early planning stage. You should ask yourself questions about what you want to display to the event attendees. A business logo, person name and job title are likely requirements you wish to include. Other elements could include contact details for your business.

When choosing a design, make sure that it fits in line with your brand’s style. You could decide to cater it towards that particular event but don’t stride too far away from what makes your brand unique. The design should form part of your brand awareness strategy and be recognisable with other marketing activity such as your website. Your aim should be to try and get across your business’s personality. You may wish to integrate quirky and creative ideas such as scannable QR codes. However, remember to consider your industry and be sure to maintain the appropriate standards.

Don’t forget about the size and shape of the badge! Consider how easily viewable the badge will be from afar and whether information will appear too crammed or not. Think about how the badge will be worn, such as pin or lanyard, and the best material to use. If the badge is intended for one day only then a simple sticker or vinyl tag may suffice. Longer usage may require something more durable.

With the hard work done, you can now choose a professional printer and sit back while they work to get the badges to you on time for your event. If you are looking for high-quality name badges in the UK, Staff Badges provide a range of custom designs that will be with you in as little as 3 working days.

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