Affordable Yet High Quality Employee Appreciation Gifts

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Culture in the workplace is just as important as the work being produced. A low turnover rate for employers means business is healthy, running efficiently, and there is room for opportunity. As long as an employee feels appreciated and valued, they will remain productive and loyal to the company even when times get tough.

As the owner or higher-up, it is your job to make sure your employees feel appreciated and to increase their job satisfaction, and in return, they’ll produce numbers and results for you. Your gestures can be as small as a thank you card, or you can go the extra mile and show some effort on your behalf by giving them a gift. Use this list if you don’t know where to start.

3 wedge set

Have you heard your employee talk about the rounds of golf he played over the weekend? Or perhaps you’ve heard them talk about the weather getting warmer so they can hit the course? A wedge set is an impressive gift that every golfer will appreciate. And you’ll get your money’s worth as it will give them a reason to brag to their buddies about working for your company during their next round of golf.

Folding lawn chairs

Maybe you’ve overheard your employee converse about their kid’s soccer game, an upcoming camping trip, or the way they like to spend their weekends gardening or at the beach. Whatever outdoor activity they enjoy, they’ll always need a place to sit. A lawn chair may seem like an impersonal gift until you add that special touch by attaching a clever note. Something along the lines of “Enjoy these front row seats at your daughter’s next practice”. A little note goes a long way for gifts such as these.

Roku streaming player

What’s the first thing you do when you come home from work? It’s safe to say that you, and at least half of your employees turn on the TV to binge watch their favorite show either before, during, or after dinner. This little streaming device is adaptable to almost any TV and all of the streaming services are easily accessible. From Hulu to Netflix to Amazon Prime, they’re all there. Best of all, it can save your employees money depending on the apps and service provider they subscribe to.

Crock-Pot slow cooker

Is your employee a foodie who enjoys talking about the latest recipe they’ve tried at home? Are they the chef of their household? Do they prefer bringing their home cooked meals for their lunch break instead of eating out? A slow cooker isn’t only affordable, it’s also a lifesaver. A whole meal can be made without it being time consuming. From soups and casseroles, to even deserts. Giving the gift of a slow cooker means your employees can have a home cooked meal preparing while they binge watch their favorite show..

A magazine subscription

If your employee is a new parent, maybe a year’s subscription to Parents magazine may come in handy. Or perhaps they’re into fitness, crafting, homemaking, or traveling. Whatever their interests or hobbies are, you can bet that a year’s subscription to the magazine of their choice will make them feel appreciated. If you don’t want to choose for them, leave it up to them with a gift card and a note with a few suggestions you’ve made based on previous conversations.

The most important part of gifting is that you are aware of your employee’s likes and pay attention to conversations they have with their peers. Make a mental note or write down something they mention at the next meeting to get the wheels in motion. The best employee appreciation gifts are the ones that make them feel that you are aware of them and their interests.

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