Worrying signs of a bad client

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I know how important for you to have a long list of clients as your bread and butter depends on it. So, it is always good to have clients as they keep us busy with regular flow of work and makes us feel content at the end of the month with cash and incentives. But sadly life is not that easy. Though most clients are normal human beings and belong to this Planet Earth, there are some clients who are so demanding and so difficult to handle that you may feel like that they are from outer world. No matter how hard you may try, you will always find it tough to handle these types of clients let along working continuously on their projects. Here in this article, we are going to take a look at some telltale signs of a bad client:

Does not like your past works

Since you are into this world of design and development, I think I can safely assume that you have an amazing portfolio that you used to show to prospective clients in an effort to make them aware of the quality of your work. Well, it is quite expected that you have not received favorable feedback from all clients all the time and it is quite natural. But what makes me put my defenses up when I see a client who is not happy with the quality of the work still want to get me involved in a project. This is the kind of situation that you need to avoid. When a person says that he is not impressed with the quality of your work and yet wants to be your client, there are reasons to be worry about.

Clients Wants too many things

Clients who are unsure about what they want are the most difficult one to handle. A normal client will always let you know what he/she wants to you do in uncertain terms. A good client will always have normal and real expectations from the designer. But bad clients have a different story to tell. First of all, they will never ever tell you in clear and simple English what they actually want and this is where the problem creeps in. Since they do not actually know, what they really want, their expectation will be unrealistic and your life will start becoming miserable.

They are not happy with anyone

Just talk with them for a while and you will have the idea that they have bad experience with their previous designers. Now the thing is that they can have bad experience with one designer and not with all of them. Actually, these types of clients are hard to please and no matter how hard you may try, the client will always try to find flaws in the design. These types of clients are impossible to satisfy. Better to distance yourself from them.

They are the Jack of All Trades

Bad clients always act that they know everything and therefore, whenever you try to educate them, they will raise their voices and let you know that they know it everything. These clients always have a bossy attitude and they will always make you feel that you know nothing about the design and you should obey their order without much fuss.

So, these are some of the signs of a bad client that you need to remain aware of.

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