Why Small Promotional Items Make a Big Impression for Small Businesses

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The dream of every small business owner is to become a big business owner. They get there by dreaming and thinking big. The problem with thinking too big is that it is so easy to lose sight of the small things that really matter the most. The devil, or angel (depending on your point of view) is always in the details. And details are always very small.

Not everyone has a large budget for marketing. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t market effectively. By focusing on the little things, you can still get your message out to the purchasing public. Small promotional items like pens, flash drives, and lanyards can make a huge difference for your bottom line. Here is why such items are so effective:

They’re Inexpensive

For USB flash drives that cut out the middle man, you can order in bulk at memorysuppliers.com. Other places offer the same type of bulk ordering system for items such as branded t-shirts, baseball caps, and coffee mugs. Doing business with companies that have direct relationships with the manufacturers can make a big difference.

Even at full retail prices, these types of small items are surprisingly inexpensive. They may not be a cost effective as handing out business cards to every passing stranger. But they are a whole lot more useful. Handing a business card to an important prospect means that they have one more business card to ignore and lose. Handing them a flash drive will cost a little more. But they will have your contact information for a long time.

They’re Useful

Small items are great for marketing precisely because they offer utility to the client. A business card offers no utility whatsoever. It is just a piece of paper. In most cases other than money, paper is considered to be an inconvenience, not a benefit.

A flash drive is a convenient way to store important information. It is also good for transferring secure information. If you have to send a client software, media, marketing information, or anything that would take a lot of time and bandwidth to transfer online, just give them a branded flash drive. In doing so, you have solved a problem for them, giving them a reason to interact with your brand. The same is true of other small, branded items.

They’re Visible

The primary job of advertisement is to be seen by as many people as possible. Your message, phone number, or email address, no matter how well crafted, does you absolutely no good if it goes unseen. The one draw back to a flash drive is that it is seen as long as it is not being used. Once you plug it into the back of a computer, it is out of sight and out of mind until unplugged.

However, products like caps and jerseys for the local sports league team are seen when used. No matter which team wins the big game, your business wins, especially if you sponsored both teams. That is a bet you absolutely can’t lose. Every eye in the stands is on those little jerseys. When #12 hits the game-winning homer, so does Bob’s Pizzeria. Oh, and guess where they are all going after the game. Better prepare some extra dough.

Even when your business strikes it big, and you can afford three TV spots in the Super Bowl, don’t forget the small things that helped get you there. There is always a big place for small item marketing.

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