Why an MBA is worth your time

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The question put on an MBA’s worth is one that appears frequently; students wishing to embark on their next step into further education need guarantees that the experience they gain from an MBA will be beneficial. It’s hard to quantify the experience earned in further education, however statistics do show that an MBA is helpful when seeking employment in a business administration setting.

Practical experience

An MBA delivers practical working for each student, according to MBS a UK based MBA provider who offer 900 live learning hours throughout their MBA course. The level of practical knowledge and the ability to tackle real-life business challenges adds to the overall MBA understanding during the course and after graduation. Potential employees welcome real-world practices from candidates as they know that a MBA graduate will have fully immersed themselves in hands-on education in a bid to progress their careers.

Higher salaries

One of the aims of an MBA is to give a candidate inside knowledge of business administration, resulting in a graduate being able to enter into employment at a higher level. This is then reflected in a distinct salary increase and so undertaking an MBA sets an MBA graduate up to gain a better entry into a business. Graduates can expect to achieve a 92% average salary increase three years after graduation when attending a school such as MBS.
Global placements

As part of the practical learning undertaken during an MBA, international placements are on offer for those looking to expand horizons. The global placement gives students the chance to learn more about a worldwide business environment, discovering a deeper understanding of the economics of a particular destination and a broader awareness of the industry as a whole.

Flexible learning

The ability to participate in flexible learning within an MBA course offers more students the opportunity to further their education. Previously, a potential student may have been swayed towards continuing with a career that didn’t really interest them as the thought of taking up full time study was just too daunting. As part of a MBA, students are offered the option of full-time study, part-time study and executive MBA’s giving more flexible options. Online learning also gives an added choice to those looking to take part in modules via distance learning by not having to commit their studies to physical attendance all the time.

Team building

Project team work is required throughout the whole of the MBA course, giving you the opportunity to work with others from different backgrounds and cultures, with a range of opinions and advice relating to their own business situations. The MBA not only helps develop your teamwork skills with people in a business situation, but gives the opportunity to make friends and build networks for the future.

Specialisms and job opportunities

Specialisms and job roles are unique to each person, and there are times in your life when you must choose which career route to take next. The MBA provides perspective on the subjects you can thrive in. This continues to help us post-graduation, as with the help of career services with business schools we are able to find potential job opportunities from the specialisms we have assumed.

So, is the MBA course worth it when all is said and done? The wealth of knowledge and life experience would suggest that if you are committed and driven to pursue a particular field in business administration then ‘yes’, the MBA course is very much worth it.

From gaining insight into management, leadership and entrepreneurism, finding specialisms that you enjoy and can develop into a career, whilst finding new friends and networks, and working internationally, the MBA course will enrich each element of your career progression.

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