What You Need To Do When You Recruit More Staff

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There are plenty of great ideas out there for how you should run a successful business. Many of them include ideas about marketing, social media, customer service and online retail. You may already be reaping the rewards of all this good advice. Your business may be steadily expanding and growing. You may even be thinking about hiring staff to cope with the extra custom your efforts are bringing in. But how much do you know about looking after those new members of staff?

When you want to hire some staff, it is common practice to place an advertisement in the local newspaper. If it is for a specialist role, you may consider placing the ad in a specialist or trade magazine. Your advertisement must detail the role, and you must be careful to ensure the details are posted with equality in mind. At the interview, you must select the best candidate based on education and experience.

Once you have recruited your new staff, you will need to provide an employee manual. Spend some time on an orientation of your business and their new workspace. You can find an employee manual template online to help guide you through the requirements. You will also need to provide some health and safety training for your new staff. This should be in accordance with local and national guidelines. Finally, ensure your staff are fully familiarized with fire drills and exits.

Your new staff members will want to impress you from day one. It is your job as their employer and manager to offer them the opportunity to do that. Provide them roles they can excel at. Ensure you have an appropriate rewards system in place to help motivate them to strive to be their best. Happiness in the workplace is essential to a productive workforce, so ensure all their needs are met. You will want to review their efforts and achievements on a regular basis to instill a culture of caring and interest. Pay attention to them, and they will pay attention to their results.

You may choose to outsource some of your services. This is usually a good idea, but try to utilize the talents you have in-house as much as possible. Offer staff opportunities to expand their roles and take on additional responsibilities. Your management style won’t suit every employee that comes to work for you so be prepared to adapt a little from time to time. It can be difficult and costly to let go of a member of staff once you have recruited them.

Taking on staff means a great deal more work for you, and a greater strain on your company finances. Recruiting should not be a decision taken in haste but one that is carefully considered. Only hire staff if you truly can’t manage the workload on your own. Your role within the company will have to change as a result, and your workload will shift too. Most importantly, ensure your new staff are taking care of your customers so you can continue to grow your business.


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