Things to Consider when Choosing a Cloud Service Provider

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There’s plenty of great reasons to choose cloud computing services for your business. First and foremost it can help you cut down on costs such as running internal servers around the clock and indeed paying for the improvement of these. There’s also the flexibility cloud servers can offer in that your important business documents can be accessed anywhere any time, even when on the go.

With a wealth of options to choose from though, if you are looking at investing in these services, who do you decide to go with? This post can help you out, as here there are the different aspects to consider when making your decisions.

Established or Breakthrough?

One dilemma is whether or not you decide to use an established supplier, or go with a newer breakthrough company. Both which have plus points and minus points; an established firm will be more experienced, however the newer companies will probably offer you better value for your custom. Try following award ceremonies, such as the UK cloud awards, which regularly shortlists the best newcomers in the sector like Gradwell.

What Security do they Offer?

To build on the above, when you have chosen a company you should then enquire about what levels of security are available. Cloud storage is very safe, but it’s still important to see what systems are in place to protect your important data and documentation – and what will happen to it should it face a cyber-attack. Naturally, in this case you want the best security you can get.

What Additional Services and Support are Available?

On top of all this, when choosing your company you need to also look at what additional services are available, such as customer care and support. This is essential should you hit any teething problems with your setup, or with your use of the cloud; the last thing you want is to be unable to use these during busy times with your company.

Check their Reviews

Last but not least, it’s also worth heading online to see what the current and past users of the company you’re interested in have said about their services. These honest reviews are great if you’re struggling to decide, as if there’s lots of positive testimonies to be seen, it’s a good indication that you’ll be picking a reliable firm.

With all this in mind then all you need to do is put the above into practise and soon you could find the right cloud service provider for you. Then, you and your employees will soon be making the most of what these fantastic services have to offer and your business could start to go from strength to strength.

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