The Case for Coworking – Why Working with Other Businesses Boosts Productivity

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Coworking has transformed the start-up landscape in Thailand in the last few years. For the most part, coworking works for professionals who need access to people who can be the foundation of building a business. More than just becoming a social hub, the coworking community is the catalysts for young professionals to raise their business profile.



As a part of a plethora of office solutions, the coworking space provides individuals with all of the amenities they would have in an office without the excessive overhead. As a member of a coworking community, you can rent a hot desk (community table) or a dedicated desk (single desk space) while using the internet, phones, and other office equipment. While it would seem as though having people milling in and out of your workspace would be a distraction, coworking spaces provide people with an environment conducive to productivity.


To learn why coworking promotes productivity through collaboration, please read the following information.


Who Benefits From Coworking Spaces?


Skyscrapers still rule Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok. For the most part, established businesses operate out of any of the numerous offices that are a part of the landscape. However, because these offices typically are too expensive, this shuts out a large number of entrepreneurs needing valuable office space.


As a result, coworking has seen a surge in popularity among young professionals and start-ups. The reason is the coworking space is a budget-friendly alternative to traditional office space. Furthermore, there is little responsibility in terms of maintaining and staffing a building.


How Does Coworking Promote Networking And Collaboration?


The physical arrangement of the desks and other furniture for one is a reason people let their hair down and become social. If not working at a dedicated desk, professionals can be found working at any one of the hot desks, which seat any number of people side-by-side. At any hot desk, you might find professionals across a diverse array of industries working together. This desk arrangement encourages professionals to engage each other socially, whether the talk is personal or about business.


As professionals engage each other, it is not unheard for them to exchange information about their own business contacts, give referrals, and just to get to know their workmates. In addition to this more informal networking opportunity, some of the better coworking spaces provide events for community members after hours. For many co-workers, networking is the foundation from which some of their business is generated.


Collaborations are also the result of these seating arrangements and the networking that culminates from this seating. Professionals might get together to work on a short project and find they work very well as a team. The ideas generated from smaller or larger projects can grow into other business ventures, even a start-up where you have partners.


So, How Does Coworking Translate Into Productivity?


Keep in mind, many of the coworking organisations adopt the attitude that while the space is a workspace it is also a community as well. The concept of community encourages and even promotes professionals getting together to flesh out their ideas and then bring these ideas to fruition. The collaborations that grow from working in a coworking space operate from the principle of collaboration, not competitiveness, which really ingrains in the community the concept of productivity through reaching out and connecting with other professionals.


Stimulating, Motivating And Productive Spaces


The coworking space can be a very social space, especially in locations where being connected socially is integral to business. However, this social environment is one where professionals can find themselves creating and being involved with amazing projects. More importantly, professionals find the collaborations that grow from these interactions will boost their productivity.




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