The Best Business Propositions for Those Desiring a Speedy Start

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A lot of people dream of working for themselves. Whilst you’re sat in the office, staring through a smeared window at a grey, rain-streaked sky, it’s easy to imagine yourself anywhere else, and to think how much better it would be.

The reality is that owning your own business requires a lot of hard work. The freedom can be intoxicating, but those who work for themselves have to put in just as much time and effort as everybody else, if not more. Working outside of office hours will become standard for those who give it a go, and there will be a lot of uncertainty in the early months, as you strive to build a client base and turn a profit.

If this knowledge doesn’t deter you, however, it might be the perfect path for you, and if you’re searching for ideas to inspire you, here are some to help you get off to a speedy and successful start…

#1: Cleaning

Some people feel that working as a cleaner would be demeaning, but the truth is that it can offer those who are self-employed a very good living. Working in private homes, you can expect to charge a minimum of £10 an hour, and you’ll have the flexibility and freedom of being able to set your own hours. Although you’ll have some initial expenditure, as most clients will expect you to provide your own products, this shouldn’t be overly high. To add some extra strings to your bow, you could add an outside cleaning option to your offerings, providing services such a floor cleaning, weed pulling, scrubbing windows, and so on.

#2: Gardening

The green fingered may also want to consider trying their hand at gardening. If your own home has a paradisiacal outside area, then what’s to stop you creating the same for others and being paid to do so? Creative, outdoorsy, and often quite addictive, gardening tends to be easy to get into, and often simply posting a few leaflets through people’s doors will help you to obtain your first customers. All that you’ll need is the relevant tools to get started, and you’re all set to create a viable and potentially lucrative business.

#3: Freelance Copy Writing

If manual labour doesn’t appeal to you, then why not try your hand at creative writing? If you have a flair for words, enjoy doing your own research and forming opinions, and are not afraid of putting in the hours, it can be a fantastic option. The hours you’ll need to work tend to be flexible, and most clients will accept submissions at any time of the day or night provided that you’re meeting your deadlines. Assuming that you already have a computer and internet access, start-up costs are non-existent, and there are a lot of wonderful resources around, such as Copify, to help you secure your first commissions.

What will you choose to do with your future?

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