Simplify Vehicle Management Using a Fleet Tracking Device

With the many GPS and vehicle management systems that exist on the market today, it can be difficult for a company with a large taskforce of vehicles to determine which device they should rely on for tracking and managing their crew. Maintaining a large group of vehicles requires constant updates and alerts as to the location, status, and activity of any given vehicle at any given time. Using a fleet tracking device that offers some of the following solutions, a fleet manager can better support a safe, efficient, and productive driving team.


Activity Details and Reports


As you search for the best tracking device for your company’s vehicles, you will likely come across many GPS management systems that claim they collect large amounts of useful data. Unless you are able to analyze that data, too much information can become jumbled and useless. Be sure to search for a vehicle tracker that shows driver activity, and puts it into a usable format such as a daily summary or official report. Trackers that present data in this usable form allow fleet management to quickly determine driver behaviors, and implement changes based on the information gathered.


When comparing programs and systems that keep tabs on your drivers, be sure to look for products that offer detailed tracking including:


  • Mileage
  • Driver Speeds
  • Vehicle Stops
  • Vehicle Idle Time
  • Fuel Usage
  • Emissions


Increase Efficiency


No matter what type of driving operation your company oversees, efficiency is critical in creating a productive business model. Using vehicle trackers increases efficiency in two ways; firstly, by monitoring the activity of your drivers, and secondly, by recording the efficiency of your vehicles. The latest devices will show you every start, stop, and route your driver takes as they work under your management’s watch. Likewise, the amount of fuel used, time spent with the vehicle idling, and total emissions released by a particular car can give a group manager a better picture of where maintenance costs can be reduced, and money can be saved with more eco-friendly driving practices.


Hold Employees Accountable


When a fleet manager has multiple cars and drivers to keep track of at one time, the most effective way to run a smooth operation is to hold employees accountable for their actions while on the job. Dangerous driving practices and multiple accidents can cause company car insurance rates to rise quickly. With a tracking device that monitors speeding, employees can be held accountable for reckless driving and speeding violations. Likewise, employee time cards and reports can be reviewed alongside a tracking report to evaluate employee honesty.


Making fleet management easy and efficient starts by choosing the right device to monitor drivers and company vehicles.

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