SEO Outsourcing: Is It Worth It?

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When it comes to outsourcing SEO a, small business can either get the most from it or the worst from it. If you are expecting your SEO agency to be a mind reader, you are in for a shock. SEO outsourcing can have tremendous value to your small business. But, you need to go into it with your eyes open and make sure that you are getting the best from your agency.


To Outsource or Not to Outsource: That is the Question


Of course, we cannot answer this for you. Only you know if your business is ready to outsource its SEO needs. But, if your business is expanding and growing in a positive way you may need to consider it. If you have a small business that is growing daily, but you don’t have a marketing team to help you grow in a positive way, it may be time to outsource.


You need to consider what you want from your SEO gurus. Do you want to have a campaign that increases acquisition? Do you simply want to rank better in search engine results? Do you want a more prominent face in the online world? Think about what your SEO strategy would require and what your business needs. After all, your SEO agency is not a mind reader. You need a plan so that they can work with it.


Things You Should Ask Your SEO Agency


So, if you do decide that you need to outsource your SEO, you need to ask your preferred agency a number of things.


Ask them how they measure the success of their campaigns. Typically, this is done via metrics. But, you want to know how they will measure your success. Do they have a tailored approach? Do they have a one-size-fits-all approach to SEO? You need to see beyond rankings. You should ask for evidence of how their campaigns are positively influencing your business. But, you also need to see cold hard proof.


Next up, ask your agency how they will deliver content. Content is going to be huge in the next year. So, in order to boost your rankings, and your profits, you need to know how content is going to be added to your campaign. Do they outsource? Do they do this in-house? Will they use an essay-bot? These are all important factors to consider. Ask for samples of their work and see if it cuts the mustard. You can also follow an SEO outsourcing guide for more information on this matter.


So, what about link building? Link building is the basis of SEO. But, you need to know that your preferred agency is link building in a safe way. You have undoubtedly heard of the curse of Google. Google changes it algorithms to ensure that no one is cheating their way to the top. Ask about link building techniques and ensure that you are comfortable with that approach.


Is Now the Right Time?


The decision to outsource is a bold one. You need to make sure that your business is in a great financial place, and you have room for expansion. It’s that simple.

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