SEO Myths: De-bunked

SEO is treated like a dark art by many business owners who are lied to by their naughty SEO agencies. This isn’t their fault – some agencies just aren’t to be trusted. The majority of agencies around these days know that you need to take a white-hat, realistic approach to SEO to get the best results. However, some agencies still try to lie to their clients. Read on to de-bunk some of the biggest SEO myths out there:


You MUST Rank on the Top Spot


OK, it would be ideal for anybody to be number one in the search results. However, it isn’t the be all and end all! Being in the top few results on the first page is fine, and in some cases so is being in the top few places of the second page. Being above the fold is always your best bet!


You Only Need a Great Title Tag


Some people claim that all you need is a well designed title tag , but even the most amazing title tag couldn’t save a terrible website. The rest of your website needs to be up to scratch, otherwise your title tag is pointless. That being said; a great title tag amongst a bunch of bad title tags will give you a boost in the rankings.


Buying Ads Will Help You to Rank Higher


You should invest in ads purely because you want to convert those ads, not because you think throwing money at the search engines will make you number one suddenly. You should never go for a large ad spend because you think there will be an organic pay off.


Usability and SEO are Different Things


Usability and SEO work together in harmony, and yet so many people still think of them as different things. They aren’t! Many designers often come up with a great search engine optimised site, but horrible design. What good is a fantastically optimised site, if your visitors aren’t going to put up with it for long because of it’s terrible usability factor? Just like a brilliant web design can be awful for SEO. Both of these elements need to work in harmony so that neither one is sacrificed in the process of optimising your site. Nowadays, SEO is all about giving a fantastic user experience. Try talking to a company who specialise in Naples SEO, as they would be able to discuss this with you further.


SEO is All You’ll Ever Need


Some companies claim that the only thing you’ll ever need for your site is SEO. While SEO is an important part of an online marketing strategy, it’s only one part of a huge jigsaw that will get traffic to your site. You need to put the other pieces together so you can get the maximum number of conversions.
Did you believe any of these myths before you read this post? You’re not alone. Hopefully, this has opened your eyes to the truth about SEO. Don’t let anybody try to fool you again!

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