Lanyards – an effective promotional tool

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In today’s world, badge lanyards are used by the majority of the business in one way or the other. They are frequently used as an ID card holder and function similarly as a badge holder. However, badge lanyards can always be customized to make them look fashionable. Well, the most popular amongst the entire lanyard is the beaded badge lanyard. The other types of customized lanyards are made of crystals and precious gems. When it is a matter of fashionable lanyard design, the beaded lanyard is said to be the best. It not only provides you a sense of sophistication and style but also serve as an ID holder.

If you are fashion conscious, then beaded lanyard is perfect badge holder for you. Some of its best features include a wide range of designs, colors and forms. They are also available in different sizes to suit the tastes of different people. Most of the people usually do not prefer to wear a breakaway lanyard, however, if it is worn, it should look nice and fashionable. However, it is always better to opt for badge lanyard as it is easy to keep in the pocket and is safe and to use. The beaded badge holder holds the badge securely simultaneously allowing you to wear it fashionably. Lanyards are a great way to be assured that all the essentials are safe and secured.

Lanyards have been a part of the marketing and advertisement since ages. When any corporate people wear lanyards around their neck in any trade fair or in any other event, people notices the brand. Gradually, these people spread the company’s name amongst their friends and family. Lanyards are also given to the employee to boost the organization’s moral. The best way to grow your business is by spreading word of mouth. So the more you expose your business, the more you brand your company.

A badge lanyard is one of the economical methods of lessening marketing expenses. Although marketing is important, it is not always wise to spend all your resources to just market your business. Therefore, there should be a way to reduce the cost of your business marketing campaign. Spending after promotions is just like making an investment. Therefore, without hampering the budget, you need to ensure that the promotional tool is highly effective. You must ensure that you are getting a good return out of it. That is why badge lanyard is extremely valuable to the business owners.

Promotional lanyards are available in different varieties. Lanyards are labelled by the type of attachment they have such as safety buckles, badge clips, key ring or swivel hook. The materials used to make promotional lanyards include nylon, polyester or cotton. Take a look at the different types of promotional lanyards as follows:

Safety breakaway buckles and double attachment have several attachments for multiple uses. These are specially designed to help those (for example the journalists) who come across dangerous situations in their everyday life.

Badge clip attachment is a popular option as a promotional lanyard. These are used for corporation and organizations. Badge clip attachment is used to display the visitor’s badges or the name of the employee, thus help in identification of the employee and the visitors. Using badge clips with lanyard allow for security personnel.

The most common type of promotional lanyard is a lanyard with key ring attachment. These types of lanyard hold keys and work well for particular purposes and giveaways such as for new dormitory residents or for college promotion. This lanyard is also perfect for those employees who have access to building keys.

The swivel hook is an attachment to spin completely round the lanyard attachment. A fastener that can hold an employee badge or a set of keys is attached to the lanyard through a swivel mechanism. This mechanism is either made of metal or plastic and can be pushed inward to remove badges or keys from the hook.

Promotional lanyards are available in different colors, the most popular being the black, red and blue. Others are available in white, brown or yellow. The imprint colors usually match the corporate colors or even the company’s logo to compliment the choice of the lanyard color.

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