How To Start A Successful Business In The South Of England

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Starting a business is one of the noblest things you will ever do in your life. Deciding to ditch employment and opting to go it alone in the working world takes a strong and passionate individual. Making your business successful will take determination and a certain amount of business acumen. Within the first few months of attempting to set up your business, you will discover whether this path is right for you.


Deciding upon a location in which to start your business is vital. A more expensive, yet more beneficial, option is to start a business in the south of England. The south of the country is where much of England’s business thrives, so starting up there is always going to be a great move. Here is a quick guide to starting a business in the south.


Step 1: Making A Successful Business Model


Before you do anything at all, you need to perfect your business model. You should never dive into a business without knowing what you are doing. Take the time (usually a matter of months) to decide what your business’ values and goals are. You should know what you are trying to achieve before you start. You can find easy, step by step business model guides online. These guides are helpful for novice entrepreneurs and will ensure you stay on point.


Step 2: Finding The Perfect Property


Once you have planned out your business structure it is time to find a base for your business. Location is vital when setting up a business, as you need to be in a prime position. Many of the cities and towns in the south are within a commutable distance to London. Browse estate agents in Witham, Harlow and Southend before deciding upon office space. These places offer reasonable office rent, when compared to London prices.


Step 3: Commute To London


To start your business, you will need contacts in London. As many investors and clients have offices in London, you will need to be able to commute to the capital on a regular basis. Check out the local transport and see how long it would take you to get to the centre from your office. If it is too far, then choose an office space that is a little closer.


Step 4: Sticking To The Business Plan


90% of start-ups fail within the first year. Much of the time the reason that businesses don’t succeed is because the owner gets distracted by minor details. You should stick to your business plan wherever possible. Yes, there will be certain unexpected events, which you will need to tackle, but as a general rule stick to the plan, and you’ll succeed. It can be easy to get distracted by minor problems, such as staff leaving or clients being unhappy. You have to deal with these issues, whilst never losing sight of your end goal.


Step 5: Know The Southern Market


The southern market is different from the business market in the rest of the UK. Sure, the people who choose to live in the south are more affluent, but that doesn’t mean they will pay over the odds for services. In fact, people in the south are far more cautious about spending money. The cost of living in the south is more expensive than in the rest of the country, so the people who live there need to save their pennies. Make sure that you have a quality product or service to offer people. Don’t assume that you can increase your prices, just because your company is in the south. You will need to work hard to show people the value of your company before you can demand high-end prices.


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