How to Select the Right Equipment for Your Office

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Whether you’re opening up a new office, renovating the one you have or you’re downsizing into a home office, being that you’ll be spending several hours each day in that space, it’s imperative that you make sure to select the kind of equipment that is just right for you.

And so, in the hopes of being able to spare you a bit of time (and money), we wanted to provide you with five tips on how you can do just that. By applying these suggestions, you will end up with office equipment that will help both you to do your job easily and effectively.

Establish a budget. Just like anything else, it’s always smart to start this process with establishing a budget: how much you want to pay for furniture, electronics, office supplies and even software. Be sure to jot down a total for each category because that will make staying within a certain amount a lot easier to do.

Look for Energy Star equipment. When you’re buying things like personal computers, copiers and printers, although you want them all to be state-of-the-art, the next priority should be that they are energy efficient. That way, you can save money on your monthly electricity bills. One of the best ways to do this is to look for equipment that has an Energy Star label on it because that means it’s certified to use less energy. (

Make sure it’s comfortable and durable. As it specifically relates to the kind of furniture that you may want, the reason why a lot of people purchase ergonomic furniture is because it’s designed in such a way that it provides your neck, shoulders and back with just the kind of support that it needs. This is why we recommend that you buy your furniture at stores like The Human Solution because they specialize in ergonomic pieces that are both comfortable as well as durable.

Minimize your space. As technology continues to progress, there are some things that you simply no longer need. Take a fax machine, for example. Although you may have pertinent information that you’d still like to send to customers, vendors or clients, thanks to websites like, it’s not necessary to have an actual fax machine in your office. You can now send faxes back and forth on your computer. This helps to minimize the amount of space that you use. Speaking of using less space, although you might want to purchase a desktop (as backup), it’s also a good idea to keep in mind that laptops are much more portable and use about 30-40 percent less energy than desktops do too.Take all of that stuff you don’t need and pack it up. Don’t forget to label everything though so if you need to find it, you can do so easily. Creating labels are easy if you have a label maker, like these from

Think about the kind of software that you need. Although a lot of this depends on the kind of business that you run and the size of staff that you have, some essential office software that you need is Microsoft Office, QuickenBooks, antivirus software (like Norton Antivirus), Skype and a graphics software such as CorelDraw Graphics Suite. Sure, you may need to add to this list, but this is definitely enough to get your company off to a really great start.

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