How to Find the Best Candidates for Your Catering Job?

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When you work in the hospitality industry, it can sometimes feel like a struggle trying to find long-term staff who love what they do. Perhaps it is because there are many young adults and students who choose to work in this sector during their studies or when they are trying to get into an office workplace, but then again it might be that you just aren’t advertising your job to the right audience.

When you are dealing with HR, it can be an expensive process. For example, if you use recruitment agencies you will end up paying them a cut of someone’s salary, or at least a referral fee. It isn’t a surprise then that many companies end up trying to do recruitment on the cheap, but does this affect the quality of candidates who end up applying for the job? Here are a few tips on how to find the best candidates for your catering job.

Place your ad where your target applicants are

Where you place your ad will depend on your business size and budget, as well as the location. If you are from a large chain, it is likely that you will be able to use the large jobsites that may cost a bit more for premium listings, however if you are smaller and have a limited budget, it doesn’t mean you can’t still post your job ad online. You can take advantage of specific catering recruitment websites, or put a free ad on a place like Gumtree and identify your location. If you don’t want to post your job online, you can look at using the local newspaper or shop window to advertise your opportunity.

Make sure your job ad is well written

Some people will be put off applying for a job if they believe there is too much jargon in it or it is hard to read. Think about the type of applicants you want for your job and write your job ad to suit them. If you have typos in your copy, some potential applicants might feel you aren’t giving enough care to the process and could then apply with one of your competitors instead. Don’t miss out on getting applicants so make sure you supply as much information as possible.

Use social media to good effect

It is now becoming apparent that social media is here to stay, so you might as well place your job specification on these channel too. Ask your twitter followers to tweet your job ad to their followers too, and you should generate a bit of buzz – and more importantly, applications – in no time. Research key hashtags for your sector so that if people are searching for a topic they may well end up seeing your tweet, uniting a job seeker with you (who is looking to recruit them).

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