How Are You Communicating With Your Customers?

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Customer communication is important for any kind of business. How you are communicating with your customers says much to them and it says a lot about you as a business person.  You don’t just want to be reaching out to people on an old school phone line, you need to make sure that you are using the latest and greatest in communication technology.

If you are not using your internet and even your smartphone to reach out to your customers, you are missing out on some really great opportunities. Here are some of the ways that you should be communicating with your customers.

Emailing Them

Email is probably one of the most secure ways that you have to reach out to customers. However, that security only comes when you make sure that you set it up. Some email services will offer you a good deal of protection for the stuff that you send, but you may want to look into encryption software as well.

You definitely want to be sure that you are watching what you’re sending in emails. Unless your email is encrypted, and you know this for certain, you don’t want to send information like Social Security numbers and credit card numbers through it.

Using Social Media

These days it is hard to come across anyone that is not on social media, so it is a very important tool to use for your business. Even when you set up a business page on social media, like Facebook, individuals can reach out to you through that. Facebook Messenger has made a convenient communication tool for people in order to feel less business-like when reaching out to businesses like yours.

You also use your posts to communicate to your customers, and you can bet they are reading what you’re posting even if they aren’t always commenting or sharing.


Texting is an excellent tool for businesses as well. While you may not have conversations with your customers through texting, SMS messages have made a great tool for sending information on sales and even for sending coupons. People love coupons on their phones because they are more convenient than clipping them.

Calling Them

Making phone calls for your business opens you up to so many opportunities, but not everyone answers the phone. Your phone bills can also add up a bit if you make a lot of long distance calls. There are ways around the old school phone systems, though.

Invest in a VoIP phone service. This uses your internet for getting in contact with customers (and it’s cost effective). You also have conference options with all sorts of apps online. And, even social media has made voice and video conversation possible, with Google Hangouts and Facebook Messengers calling system.



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