Have you outgrown your business premises?

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You’re doing well and your business is expanding. What are your options when it comes to finding the space that you need?

Space is at a premium in life these days and in business not having enough space to expand can make the difference between growth or decline in any given year. If your business is growing out of your premises it’s time to take action but there are a number of options. Which one is right for you will depend on the nature of your business, your budget and your time.

Make the most of what you have
If you’re growing out of your space it could be that you simply are not making the most of what you have  in the short term at least. Rearranging and finding better storage solutions could solve your problems or at least buy you some extra time to think about your next move. Consider external storage for bulky items that aren’t used frequently to give your staff more room to move. You could also consider enlisting the help of a designer to conduct an audit and devise ways to maximise the space you’re not currently making the most of such as wall space.

Temporary premises
If you’re fortunate enough to have outside space then now is the time to capitalise on it. We all remember pre-fab buildings from our school days. Many of us had classes in portable buildings but they have really come of age. Modern modular buildings offer a low cost, quick solution to space needs that could last as long as your business when properly maintained. They’re particularly good if you need to keep your business all on one site. Specialist companies can assess your needs and construct bespoke buildings or you can choose something ‘off the shelf’. They’re usually available to hire or purchase. Don’t forget to check out any planning permissions required before committing.

New premises
The first and obvious choice here is to simply up and move. In an ideal world that is what many of us would choose but when it comes to business timing, location and budget all need to be considered and if all three are not right then this is not your option right now. If you are able to move then enlisting the help of a specialist agent could save time and money in the long run. Thorough research is essential to avoid any costly mistakes in the short and long term.

Additional Premises
You could of course stick with the building that you have but create a second site elsewhere. Perhaps one department could relocate to alternative premises. It’s not the most cost effective solution but again is an option that could provide some help in the short term.

Expanding is a positive sign for your business and you have options when it comes to resolving the issue. Whatever your budget or circumstances there are steps you can take to keep things running smoothly whether you make the most of what you have, up sticks and move or choose portable buildings.


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