Excellent Web Design Tactics To Boost Traffic And Productivity

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The primary goal of a business is to draw in customers, and there is no better tool to do so than the internet.  There are several different effective internet tactics to pull in more customers, but a company website is the most essential of them all.  Every business needs a well-built internet site.


The way in which a website is designed has a direct impact upon how many people visit the site.  It also has a strong influence on how visitors behave while they are navigating the company’s website.


Many entrepreneurs and small business owners are under the impression that web-building and optimization are only achieved through spending lots of money.  In reality, it really does not cost very much to build a successful website.  Take a look at a few design tactics that will boost traffic and productivity on the company website without breaking the bank.


Utilize SEO to boost visibility


Just as social media ads will help boost a website’s visibility, the art of Search Engine Optimization will also bring in the viewers.  SEO contributes to making a site more visible on the internet’s major search engines.


With proper keyword placement weaved in and out of the website’s content, search engines are more easily able to identify what type of information the site provides.  Web bots can more clearly identify pages that mention the words people typically search.


For example, if a website was focused on substance abuse treatment, they would want to mention the key terms that most easily would bring up such a topic like addiction, treatment, drug, abuse, alcohol, rehab, etc.


Homepage design


Clearly, the homepage is the most important element of a website.  Designers have just under three seconds to catch the interest of web surfers before the average person moves on to the next thing.  Homepages need to quickly relay a message that interests visitors.


Designs should use visually stimulating images and clean, concise color coordination.  Texts should be large and easy to read.  Visitors should know what the site is about within the first minute of landing.  Also, design to be compatible with smaller, mobile screens.


Social media


It makes sense that a site’s traffic would increase with a wider scope of visibility to the public.  Making sure the right people see the website is important.  For example, board games would probably be targeted towards younger people and beer towards adults.


Social media platforms provide the ability to target advertising campaigns more specifically.  To draw in more visitors, it would be wise to check into the logistics of obtaining a spot on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  Facebook alone generates 1.65 billion visitors per month.

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