Creating a Compelling Sales Brochure

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With all the talk about social media, blogging and other forms of internet marketing, it is easy to think offline efforts are going the way of the dinosaurs. But, nothing could be further from the truth. Effective print advertising definitely still holds a place among effective marketing strategies, with well-designed sales brochures packing a particularly powerful punch.

Here are some helpful tips for designing a brochure that drives sales.

Know Your Customer

This tip may sound a bit obvious, but many businesses struggle with their marketing efforts because they don’t have a deep enough understanding of their target market. Sometimes the material is just too general; other times it is focusing on the wrong aspects of the product or service.

Really give some thought to your target customer. Why would they want this product or service? What benefits does it provide? How does it meet a need or solve a problem they have? When you really ponder these types of questions, you will develop a much clearer idea of what your market wants and needs, and you be able to design an super-effective brochure.

Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

When designing your brochure, it is crucial you keep these four points in mind for maximum return. The design and content needs to get the viewer’s attention; this will spark their interest; once that interest has been sparked, a desire for your offering will begin to percolate. This will prompt them to follow the call to action in the brochure, whether it is to make the purchase right now, receive additional information, get the free gift, call your company or make an appointment.

Create a Sense of Urgency

If your sales brochure doesn’t prompt the reader to take some sort of immediate action, it is a wasted marketing strategy. And the only way they will take immediate action is by enticing them to do so with some sort of offering. Examples include a limited time discounts, free gifts when buying by a certain date, rebates, notifying them the price will be increasing soon or that quantities are limited.

Nothing is Permanent

The desire to design a perfect brochure may be unnecessarily delaying this marketing tactic. Yes, you want to give careful thought to the copy and design before you start printing them out, but remember this isn’t the only brochure you will ever be able to use so long as your business is operating. There are lots of companies offering quality cheap brochure printing and you can always change it up as you refine your marketing strategy, test responses, alter your message, change the offering, and the like. So, just get something out there as soon as you can.

Focus on the Customer, Not Your Company

One of the most important things to remember in crafting your copy and other elements of your sales brochure is keeping focused on the customer, not the company, your products and services. The people reading the brochure have one thing in mind—what’s in it for me. Connect with your market. Make benefits the main focus, rather than features. Make sure headlines in particular are benefit-oriented. Anyone reading any type of material automatically zeroes in on the headlines to guide the reading experience. This brochure isn’t about describing your product or service in great detail, and talking up the company, it is about letting people know how buying from you is good for them.

Don’t Just Include Sales Copy

While the sole purpose of your brochure is to make sales, remember again, you will only draw in people by focusing on their wants and needs, and providing something of value. Add in relevant information that helps the reader in some way. If you run a landscaping company, including summer plant care tips is a good idea, for example.

If you follow these helpful hints, you are well on your way to designing an effective sales brochure that will convert those reading it to customers and clients. Just be sure to plan it carefully, and always be ready to tweak when things aren’t working.



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