But WHY Do I Need SEO? What if I Don’t Want it?

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Search engine optimisation is often used by businesses to make themselves more visible in the search results. It can be a complicated process, especially if you don’t know the first thing about it. Some people attempt to take on an SEO strategy all by themselves, but this can take away valuable time they could be spending on their business. It’s always best if you hire a professional company to do it for you. But WHY do you need SEO? I often hear some people say that they don’t even want it. Read on to learn more:


Why You Need SEO


SEO can do many things for your site. Not only does it make it appear higher up in the search results for relevant search terms when done properly, it also makes you look more credible to people searching for your product/service. In some cases, it can be very hard to make your way up the search engine results, especially if you specialise in something general, like selling cars, for example.


If your site is listed way back on the 7th and 8th pages of Google, or even on the 2nd page for that matter, you can miss out on a whole lot of traffic available to you. This is because a lot of searchers don’t go past the first page – they simply type in another search term and try again. If you’re in the top half of the search results, then you can bet you’re getting a large portion of the traffic for that keyword. You aren’t just going to end up here by accident though. You need to practice white hat SEO techniques to help your site get more inbound links, which in turn will increase your credibility within the search engines. You also need to make sure that your on-site optimisation is on point, otherwise the search engines won’t be able to crawl your site properly.


It’s very easy to make mistakes if you’re a novice. This is where a professional company come in.  It’s important you select a great company to do it for you, so read articles like this one outlining how to select an SEO company by High Impact.


If you think that you’ll simply get on fine without any SEO at all, you’re wrong. SEO should be an important part of your online marketing plan. Of course, you should use it in conjunction with other techniques, but by making sure you’re visible for the most effective search terms, you’ll get the maximum amount of visitors and conversions.


Of course, SEO isn’t compulsory and you don’t have to have it if you don’t want it. However, you will be missing out on a boatload of traffic and conversions, without question. By hiring a suitable SEO company, you can ensure that your business site is helping you to reach your goals. You can even compare different techniques and placement of your on site elements to see how visitors react to them by using methods like split testing.


It’s all actually quite exciting!

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