Brand Name Clothing at Wholesale Pricing

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With cost of everything constantly increasing, finding top brand fashions at lower pricing is too good to pass up. The days of stores controlling the pricing of all brands is being slowly eroded as with careful shopping you can now find wholesalers willing to sell direct to the retail market as well offering the same type of pricing available to retail stores.


While as you would expect the quantity discounts are more impressive than for individual items, you can still get sale type pricing on individual purchases without waiting for sales or can combine with family or friends to get more substantial savings by larger quantities. It is nice to be able to choose colors and styles for yourself as well instead of being limited to what the manager of the local clothing store decided to order.

When shopping from direct source wholesalers, remember some taxes are often not calculated in to the price shown. This is because taxes are calculated differently for businesses and individuals. A business will collect taxes from the end purchaser but if you are buying as an individual you will be responsible for the taxes directly.

Clubs, organizations, and sports teams can realize huge savings when looking at direct wholesale fashions. Whether it is for spirit wear or fundraisers, buying direct allows them to control added costs. Some places will even offer the same embroidery services that you get from a specialty team store at far lower costs. Visit Brookes UK for a perfect example of wholesale direct pricing that allows custom embroidery as part of its service.

Use of direct wholesale sources supplements another great source for fashions at reduced cost. Factory outlet and factory direct stores also allow huge savings over retail stores for the same items. In outlet shopping typically you will find over runs of a particular style or color, but they on occasion have full range assortments resulting from cancelled wholesale orders.

The advantage of factory outlet stores is the ability to see and try on clothing when you purchase but expect less variety and no bulk purchase discounts. Either method will allow you to find name brand fashions at prices similar to no name store type offerings. This allows you and your family the additional quality and reassurance without the cost. If you can purchase name brand and more of it for the same price it is not being cheap – it is just smart shopping.

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