A Stranger in a Strange Land: An Inspirational Tale of Business, Music, and Weirdos

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For many years during my younger life, you couldn’t stop me from attending music festivals. I’d dump entire paycheck into tickets, camping equipment, food & drink, and transit for festivals being held all around the state of Florida.

The more I attended, the more I began to really get to know the strange, weird, and genuinely interesting individuals that attend. The music may bring people together but it’s the interactions you have with other attendees that keeps you coming back for more.

This story is about me and the festivals. The focus of the story is about one particular individual that turned one of their passions into a viable business that happened to fit right smack into the music festival scene (and since then has ventured beyond the gates).

Meet Patricia

Patricia was one of the party people I always ran into at these music festivals (most of them were camping so you got to know your neighbors real well after the first couple days).

Patricia was an artsy type with the ability to create incredible works of art while using music as her muse. She was very popular within the local music scene because she was always happy-go-lucky.

Over time everyone kicks around ideas how they can afford a life of constant festival hopping. The usual was working a 9-to-5 while others pitched ideas on selling food at the festivals.

Patricia went a different direction.

Patricia decided she was going to be the only person at these events that provided massage therapy and so it turns out, months later running into her, she passed all the training and courses to launch a massage therapy business and so it was up and running.

Show after show, you could swing by her decorated tent and pay for any number of massage techniques like deep tissue or hot stones – she really got into it. She had found her way to forever festival hop.

A Lesson in Business

Sometimes it’s the weirdest moments when you hit a moment of business clarity. For Patricia it came about during the camping times at a music festival. After doing her homework about what people wanted, attending the courses needed to do the job, and finding right equipment she was up and running with her portable business within the year.

What it took was simply asking around what people thought about the idea (it gained a lot of positive reception) and basically finding massage chairs for sale. Those two things got it all started.

The lesson is that these types of side ventures, moonlighting, side gigs, or whatever you want to call them are always just at the tip of our fingers and most of the time they are well worth entertaining if it’s something that draws upon your passion.

Draw from these examples:

·  A kid that turned his love for arcade machines into a full-time gig repairing old models

·  A musician that pivots from the “grind” of getting found and finds their place producing music for children’s shows

·  A stay at home mom that starts a food blog dedicated to all the recipes passed down in their family

The point is that many of our ideas we push to the back of our heads because we’re “too busy” with work or “can’t afford to commit right now” are often ones that reap the greatest rewards. Doing just a little bit today can build the momentum to launch; there doesn’t have to be a complete 180 turn from what you’re doing now – just do it gradually.

Take a cue from Patricia and take a look around your surroundings and who you connect with. What you’ll see are plenty of hidden opportunities to start a new business (or at least a gig that can bring in some additional money). You may think you’re losing time and money pursuing one of your passionate projects but it’s never so because failure is the ultimate tool for learning. In time you’ll get it right.

Have you ever discovered an idea you felt passionate enough about that you were willing to pivot?


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