A Practical Guide to Setting Up Your Own Business

Having entrepreneurial spirit is not always enough. Why you may have a great plan in place, you may need something else to back it up. If you are planning on setting up your own business, there are some things that will need to consider.




How will you fund your endeavour?


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If you are planning on taking out a business loan, you will need to make sure that you have a business plan. This can be difficult to do if you do not have the experience. You will need an expert such as Allen Baler to assist you with your quest.


The key is to know how to fund your endeavour. If you don’t know how this is going to be done, it’s back to the drawing board. After all, the bank does not have to lend you the coffers. In this current economic climate and a lot of people are being rejected for loans. Do you have a backup plan?




None of us like paying tax, but ensuring you are tax registered is imperative. If you don’t, you could face serious penalties. Ensure that you are tax and VAT registered that your company does not face any ramifications. What is more, your business can thrive and prosper once you are tax registered. If you have any doubts of what you need to hire the services of an accountant.


Intellectual Property


Registering your business, and intellectual property is a must. If you don’t, other can steal your company name and logo. It is important that you do this so that your hard work is not in vain. Ensure that you copyright any original ideas. You don’t want others to profiteer from your hard work.




Can your business be run from home in the start-up phase? If so, you may want to consider this as an option. If you choose to run your business from an office, you will need to factor the costs of renting premises. Keeping your initial costs down in the first twelve months is important. If you do not, your business may fail before you have started. Taking stock of your cash flow is critical.


If your business needs premises to operate from, shop around for the best deal. Commercial estate agents will be able to help. You need to consider a suitable location above all. Does your business need to be in the public eye, or can you rent premises from an industrial unit? Considering your location requirements is important.


Website and Social Media Presence


Ensuring that you promote yourself on social media is important. In an increasingly digital world, you need to make sure that you have an awesome website at your disposal. The costs of this vary. You can choose WordPress themes to help you get started. Once you are making a profit, you can hire the services of web design gurus to make your website look the epitome of professional. A digital presence is critical. In fact, it is a business requirement.


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