5 Tips to Market Your Plumbing Business

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Plumbing is a business that will always be needed as long as there’s water. However, many homeowners are starting to take projects into their own hands thanks to major home improvement stores or television stations like HGTV. Because of this, plumbers are losing out on business.


If your plumbing business has seen a hit lately, or if you just have trouble marketing your company, it’s important that you educate yourself on the best possible practices in order to ensure your business remains successful. The following are five tips to help you market your plumbing business.


  1. Get online.

If you have yet to create a website, now is the time to do so. Most consumers today are turning to the internet in order to locate plumbers in the area, so be sure that you not only have a website, but a user-friendly website. Be sure your contact information is on the site, and even consider adding a contact form too. You should also ensure you use keywords throughout your site so that it can be found by search engines like Google and ranked appropriately. You can easily create a website on your own using many of the template options, or you can hire a design company to do this for you.


  1. Get on social media.

Along with being online, you also need to get on social media. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ can help you expand your company’s reach and get in front of your consumers. Be sure to have someone actively engaging with users on these sites, otherwise it will not do your company any good.


  1. Join Plumberville

Plumberville is a website dedicated to plumbers that will advertise your business for you in areas you choose. As long as one of your competitors hasn’t already joined Plumberville, you can join and have access to a wide variety of clients that will find you instead of you having to find them. This is a great tool to have in your back pocket to gain more visibility and reach more potential clients.


  1. Advertise Locally

Local consumers should be your biggest target, so be sure to advertise locally. Send out direct mailers to the people in your town with some type of incentive. You can also talk with your local water supply company and see if you can advertise your services with the community’s water bills. If there are local events, whether through the Chamber of Commerce or other entities, be sure to show up and advertise your company at these events too. You should also consider ads in local phone books and community publishings as well, as these will land in front of your target audience.


  1. Invest in Local SEO

Once you have a website, implement local SEO by joining Google Places and online review sites such as Yelp. Having your information on these sites will push your content out to individuals searching for your specialty in your specific area. This will allow you to easily land in front of your target market without having to do any heavy lifting. And as long as you keep getting reviews and traffic, your local SEO listings will greatly improve.

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