5 Examples of Industries Where Business Specialization Helps Progress

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There’s a fairly consistent argument that goes on about whether or not employees in various businesses should be generally good at everything, or very good at one thing specifically. In many cases, there’s a lot of gray area that needs to be covered in between those extremes, but it’s worth noting that if you have examples to bring up in your arguments, you’ll have a better case to present for your own businesses decisions.

Five examples in particular of industries where specialization can help include activities relating to call centers, car production, audio engineering, web design, and home construction. Consider what the end result of specification would be in each of those, regarding focused processes and goals.

Call Centers

Succeeding at call center activities is tough. In many cases, it’s a bit of a thankless job because people on the other end of the line may be angry that they’re being called at certain times, or could be on the line calling for troubleshooting help, or they may not be familiar with the product or service that’s being surveyed. That’s why creating specialization in the call center atmosphere is so important. Certain employees will have certain traits that translate to certain activities, and by focusing just on that, it drastically increases overall success rates.

Car Production

No one person knows how to do everything required to design and put an automobile together. There are some business managers who understand overall concepts. But then there are the detail workers who know how to handle the precision processes better than everyone else, and letting them do what they do best will often produce a much superior result. Even a quick survey of what it takes to make a car will begin to show you how complicated it is as a whole.

Audio Engineering

On a completely different level, consider something like the field of audio engineering. There are recording engineers, tracking engineers, microphone specialists, acoustic engineers who build rooms and studios – the list goes on and on. But one specialist in particular in the audio engineering field is the mastering engineer. Often, once you become a master at mastering audio, that’s all you’ll do, and business will be funneled your way because you’re the last in a chain of project completion.

Web Design

And consider how businesses relate to the overall concept of web design. A company will hire a set of people to ultimately complete the project, and each person will have their own speciality. One person will do the coding, another will do the design, and yet another will implement integration into web servers.

Home Construction

Another good example of business specialization is when you consider building a house. How many different people have to be experts in their fields to do things like laying concrete, rough carpentry, drywall assembly, plumbing, and so on? The better the specialist handles his or her part, the better the overall project will be.


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