3 Reasons Your Business Isn’t Getting Much Work Done

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Business productivity is a difficult animal to cage. There are so many factors that determine how much work is going to get done and when. Your employees are a huge factor, and how you run your company is a huge factor. It’s challenging to come up with the right mix of discipline while also giving people room to breathe and be creative and productive. If you’re finding that your business as a whole isn’t getting much work done, it might mean you have to do some troubleshooting of the problem.

Is it strictly employee-based? Do you have some strategies you could implement and change as the leader of the organization that would help? If you’re at a loss for ideas and have no idea what the problem is or how to even start diagnosing it, consider these 3 things:

Slow Wireless

Perhaps your employees aren’t the issue. Maybe the real issue for slow productivity in your enterprise lies on the tech side of operation. Perhaps the problem is much easier solved than you might think. Since most business today is done over the internet, it’s crucial that you have a prime connection. Look at your wireless…maybe your system needs to be revamped. If you’re experiencing slow and interrupted service, this costs time and money and also breeds an atmosphere of frustration. Luckily, the solution is available. If this isn’t your issue, maybe it’s the next point.

Too Many Meetings

Are you a micromanager to a fault? People don’t like to be watched all the time and if you could learn to let go and trust your employees, you might see improved performance. If you’re micromanaging, that might mean that you hold too many meetings, and meetings are known to suck up time, energy, and employee morale.

Evaluate yourself in this matter and see what needs to be fixed. The problem really starts with you as the head of the company. It might be hard to look at that, but you have to do it if you want to see an increase in business productivity.

Not Enough Discipline

If meetings aren’t the problem and you’re not a micromanager, maybe the opposite is your problem and you just need to step things up as a leader. If your employees don’t know what they’re doing, there is minimal structure, and they have the freedom to goof around without a plan of action, you need to address that.

Running a business isn’t a walk in the park, but as long as you’re vigilant, you look at what you’re doing on your own behalf that is good or bad for the company, and you do your best to increase employee production and morale, you’ll be set.

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