Why Small Businesses Should Support The Lifeline Programme

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As a small business, you ought to have many strong goals in place. First among these will be growing your brand and reputation. You’ll want to reach as many people as possible. You’ll want to show people the benefit of your product or service. The more people that use your service, the more profit you make. That means more people talking about you and spreading the word. It all works together in a harmonic circle. Quite simply, your business needs customers to survive, and that means reaching as many as possible.


With that in mind, it makes good business sense to support any programmes and organisations that will help that. As a business, you should keep your eye out for third party initiatives that will help your industry. If you can put your support behind them, you’ll reap the benefits of doing so. Today we’re going to talk about one specific programme that can really help power your small business. That’s the Lifeline program. You may not have heard of it, but it’s a powerful movement.


For those of you who are hearing this for the first time, here’s a bit of background information. The Lifeline programme has spent the last three decades supporting low income families. Initially, it helped poorer families with communication. It helped install thousands of low cost, or free, landlines. It meant that as many households as possible had access to a phone. This became vital for day-to-day communication and business presence. It helped families find jobs as they could make connections from home. It became a powerful initiative with a strong force for good.


After such great results, Lifeline are setting their sights on the next stage. This stage is all about connecting as many people as possible to broadband internet. The following link has much more information for you to digest: http://miami.cbslocal.com/2015/01/22/issa-asad-explains-the-future-of-the-lifeline-program-30-years-and-counting/. For many, broadband has become a vital and essential service. Millions now take it for granted every single day. Yet millions more still don’t have access to it. For those with it, we find it difficult to imagine a life without it. Yet so many do. Lifeline intend to change that by providing low cost broadband access to as many households as possible.


So far, so interesting, but why should small businesses be get behind this programme? It’s simple really. The more people that have access to high speed internet, the larger your potential customer base. It will allow you to expand and develop. The internet is fast becoming the default space for communication and exchange. Much of your business (if not all of your business) will now take place online. The more people that can get online, the better this is for small businesses.


With more people online, that means more people using social media. Social media is the key to unlocking your potential customer base. It is where people will share your content and tell your story. It’s where word of mouth will spread about your company and services.
The Lifeline programme has already opened up the world for so many households. It’s about to extend that reach further by making the internet even more accessible. Anything that helps extend the power of the net is worth pursuing. As a small business, you’ll benefit by encouraging increased access to the internet.

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