Why ‘Shade’ Is An Important Investment for Your Business

While natural light is an essential part of a working environment, excessive sun exposure can have a negative impact on your employees, customers and the building itself. Whether you operate your business from a permanent or mobile location, it is important that you have adequate sun protection.

Save On Maintenance

As any building owner will know buildings have a continued maintenance cost. Continued sun exposure can wear exterior paint, discolour timber and damage exposed plastic. To prevent the building materials from wearing due to sun exposure it is a great idea to install shading. There are many different kinds of shading options available including: umbrellas, awnings, shade sails and patio roofs, although one of the most effective is fabric shading. Fabric shading structures are lightweight easy to install and can either be permanent or temporary. If you do not have any shade for your business and are looking for a quick and easy solution it might be a good idea to consider fabric shade structures. Visit Fabric Solutions Australia to see a range of option of architectural fabric shading structures.

Save On Air-Conditioning

Sustainability and energy saving are important considerations for every business. All buildings have to cope with solar heat gain. Solar heat gain is how hot the walls and consequently the building gets when it is exposed to the sun. As a result, the building needs air-conditioning to keep the occupants cool. Air-conditioning is a huge expense for any business and the easiest way to cut down on this cost is to shade the walls of your buildings. Shade drastically lowers indoor temperatures and reduces the need for air-conditioning.

Employee And Customer Comfort

Building occupant comfort is vital to maintaining a productive and health work place. Natural light is important for the health of the occupants of the building however thermal heat gain can make a building extremely uncomfortable. To adjust for the excess heat air-conditioning is necessary to keep it comfortable. Although shading will not remove the need for air-conditioning it will decrease how much air conditioning is required to keep your building comfortable.

Outdoor Business Essential

If you have an outdoor business, shading is of extreme importance. If you are working or serving customers outdoors, shading will keep your customers both cool and comfortable. Customers will seek out shade on a hot day and therefore if you cannot provide shade it is likely that you will lose customers. On a hot day, shade for your customers is about more than just comfort, without adequate shading people unfamiliar with sun safety might receive too much sun exposure. Excess sun exposure can cause health risks ranging from sunburn, to sunstroke, and in some cases skin cancer.

It is best practice for buildings that are in hot environments to be designed with some sort of shading, but unfortunately shading is often compromised on because of the added construction cost. If your business is looking to cut down on energy cost, keep your customers comfortable or provide undercover areas, shading is your answer. While it might cost you in the short term, it will save you in the long run.

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