Why having a corporate newspaper is a great idea of communication

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To begin with, newspapers are unstapled sheets issued and distributed daily or weekly. They contain written information about current happenings in business, sports, and politics. Also, newspapers contain articles, correspondence, advertisement, obituaries, and comic columns.


Newsprint is a low-grade paper made from wood pulp and processed with a mechanical mill. In recent times, newsprint is created from recycled fibers.


Newspaper can be broadly classified based on the following features:

Size or format

Frequency of publication

Scope of information

Time of circulation, and more.

Based on the format

Printed: This follows the traditional newspaper style of publication on newsprint. It’s further classified into two, namely: Broadsheet and tabloid.

  1. Broadsheet: this newspaper format is the largest with a size of 38 X 58 cm.
  2. Tabloid: compared to broadsheet, a tabloid is of a smaller format. It comes with a size of 28 X 35 cm.

Based on Frequency of publication

  1. Semi-annual, Monthly or Biweekly: Newspapers with this publication frequencies have a limited audience. Further, this form of newspaper publication focuses on an organization’s activities.  They are usually in form of business publications.
  2. Weekly: weekly newspapers are usually circulated once a week, especially on Saturdays or Sundays.
  3. Daily newspapers: this category is circulated daily.

Others are:

Based on the scope of information:

  1. Local
  2. All rights reserved
  3. Community.

Based on the time of circulation:



The Semi-annual, Monthly or Biweekly classification of newspapers best qualifies a corporate newspaper.


It’s a newspaper print with emphasis on the goals, achievements, projects, products, and services of an organization.


Corporate newspaper focuses on organizations and their unique activities. But business journal covers the business and financial events occurring in an economy.

Let’s take a look at the history…

Unlike a business journal, the history of a corporate newspaper is not well defined.  Business journals began in the middle ages. It was a means of keeping tab of the entire commercial events in an economy.

Trading families were able to commune through the business journal. Daniel Defoe in 1700 began the publication of business and economic related news. By 1889, a publication of the Wall Street Journal began.

In 1902, Ida Tarbell made a report about Standard Oil Co. Ida ’s report was adopted as a template for creating a company report by many business journalists. The Wall Street Journal remains a good example of a business journal.


  1. It adequately exposes businesses: Profit maximization is a function of business exposure. Also, a corporate newspaper helps expose the details of businesses to potential customers.
  2. Increase in Return on Investment (ROI)

ROI is used to compare the performance of an investment to the cost investment. An increase in ROI can be triggered through corporate newspaper contents

  1. A corporate newspaper is based on content marketing strategies

Content marketing involves creating and publishing online contents. This is usually aimed at promoting a business.  The adoption of content marketing strategies makes corporate newspapers dual purpose.

  1. Growth in business reputation

Corporate newspaper highlights the features and benefits of business products or services. This fosters growth in the reputation of a business.

  1. Distinction from rivals

Business owners can feature their products or services with corporate newspaper. With a corporate newspaper, the uniqueness of their products or services can be emphasized to stand out from others.

To enjoy the above-listed benefits, you need a corporate newspaper for your business. The newspaper print provides standard newspaper prints suited to tell your corporate stories. Visit us for your corporate newspaper print.

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