Why Focusing on the Little Things Can Help Your New Business

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Starting up a new small business is a difficult task. You might have a great idea for a new product or service. That’s cool – well done. That doesn’t mean you’ll succeed in business. Around 80% of new businesses fail in their first eighteen months. That’s a monstrous failure rate – one that you’ll be keen to avoid.

Businesses fail because they don’t appreciate the needs of their customers. At the end of the day, if you provide the right service, customers will return. That doesn’t just mean giving them a good product. You need to think of your business as providing a whole package. You need to identify flaws at all levels of your business. It’s critical to ensure that you’re providing a great service at every step of the transaction. Spotting the little things can be the difference between retaining customers and losing them.


You need to provide a fantastic service in all areas. That might mean picking up on the unexpected. Let’s say you’re running a hotel or B&B. You might think that a great location and clean rooms are the only things that you’ll need. You’d be wrong. Studies show that travellers want free WiFi more than anything else! That’s an incredible fact. You might not have even considered that possibility. It shows how much that industry has changed in the last five years. You need to be reactive when considering the needs of the customers.


Communication is key for any business. You want to get a good message across to your client. Today, that might mean having a great website and a solid social media presence. That doesn’t mean you should overlook the physical side of things. It’s important to meet clients in person – don’t just do business online or on the phone. Little touches of class can make all the difference. Invest in business cards or designed brochures for your products. These touches show that you’re a high-quality company. You wouldn’t trust a restaurant that had a sloppy menu printed in Comic Sans. Don’t make the same mistakes in your business.


Customer service is the most important element in the success of any business. Ensure that you’ve got an infrastructure that rewards the customer. Train all your staff in the correct way to make sure they treat customers right. Smiles, politeness and friendly greetings can go a long way. You can’t overlook these details. Invest in good online software. That will make online payments easier – convenience is key. Stay in touch with customers via email. Let them know if you’ve got new products or special offers. You need to ensure that you’re hunting them down. Don’t let your customers find you. If you do, you’re leaving it to chance that they could find some other competitor.


These little issues don’t seem like much. Put them all together and they could be the difference between profit and loss. Your business rises and falls on its customers. Neglecting their needs can put you out of work. Focus on the small things, and soon you’ll be a big success.




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