Which Social Media Platform is Right for your Business?

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It can be hard for business owners to stay ahead of the curve these days. Attention spans are shorter than they’ve ever been before, and part of that is to do with the fact that people have seen it all before. They become bored with, and wise to, conventional means of marketing. This means you have to get creative. Social media is the way forward in this regard – but which platform is right for you?

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking platform built around creating business contacts and, in this sense, it’s one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal and a great place to start building your online presence. You can use it to drum up sales opportunities as well as allowing you to establish a bit of credibility with the corporate market. Plenty of companies, like The Print Group for instance, are able to help you build and grow your social media footprint and many of them start with LinkedIn. So should you.

2. Google+

Since being introduced a few years ago, Google+ has become a larger and more attractive option. How many people do you know have a Gmail address? A YouTube account? All of those people have a Google+ account by extension. Google+ also allows you to run Google Hangouts, (free online video calls), which are a fantastic way to connect and engage with your target audience.

3. Instagram

Instagram is a popular social networking application for iPhone and Android that allows users to share photos with one another, and it’s another example of social networks allowing people to communicate in a way people haven’t seen before that’s also very personal. You can leverage Instagram’s wide reach to build your company’s narrative and employ a liberal use of hashtags to ensure potential customers can find you organically.

4. Twitter

Twitter is another social network that demands that users communicate differently. In this case, short messages of no more than 140 characters. Twitter is one of the most powerful platforms for building your brand. It has the potential for huge reach with @mentions, hashtags and immediate response, plus the character limit means that you must always be quick and to the point – there’s no room for frivolity.

5. Facebook

The big one. The largest social networking site in the world. It’s very important that your business has a Facebook page that customers can like and communicate with you through. It makes it easy for you to be found, it keeps you in people’s minds, and it allows you to drive traffic to your website in greater numbers than almost anywhere else. Facebook do put a lot of advertising options behind a pay wall, though, so it might be worth your while to get an outside company to look into it for you.

Clever use of any of these sites will yield huge results for businesses of any size, and using any of them in tandem means even bigger reach. Connect your Instagram account to Facebook and Twitter and suddenly you’re reaching a mind boggling amount of people on any number of platforms. What’s your favourite social networking site? Share your answer in the comments section below.

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