Which Phone is Really Best for Business?

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There has been debate amongst journalist, tech gurus, and business people alike on which smartphone is the most useful for businesses. Preference has become the answer, as all the phones are starting to feature the same amenities, such as larger screens, touchscreen keyboards, and all sorts of apps.

For a long time, the simple answer was BlackBerry. They had the security, special features, and BBM to back them up on that claim. But then the iPhone came out and Androids became popular shortly after that. All these phones makes calls, take emails, send texts and do everything you could hope your phone could do.

So what makes them different from a business-usability standpoint? That’s what we’ll explore here.

Samsung Galaxy S III

This phone has become quite the troublemaker. Since its release, the GSIII has converted many loyal iPhone users. It even spurred a huge lawsuitfollow between the two companies. But while it is increasingly popular with people that don’t necessarily use it for business, how is it when it comes to business?

Well, it’s got one of the bigger screens on the market, which makes reading emails and editing documents all that much easier. It’s lack of a physical keyboard makes it more difficult to type for a long time, but that seems to be a trend with smartphones now. The physical keyboard became less appealing than the thought of a fully functioning touch screen, so the phones that have physical keyboards are starting to disappear. With all that said, though, the GSIII has one of the best on-screen keyboards out there.

The email service, whichever one you subscribe to (it comes preloaded with Gmail and Dropbox), is also probably just a little slower than other phones out there. And, while it does have a few security measures, if you’re the type to be sending sensitive documents over your phone, you run the risk of having it taken.

Overall, though, the GSIII is a good business option, especially if you work in the creative industry.

iPhone 5

Many think that this is BlackBerry’s main competitor. The popularity of the iPhone 5 is widespread, which makes it a natural choice to really infiltrate the business world. But it does have its glaring weaknesses.

The iPhone’s screen is considerably smaller than many on the market now, which can cause obvious problems when reading, editing, etc. It’s also incredibly delicate, and as a busy business professional, sometimes it can feel as if you never stop moving — perilous for the iPhone, whose screen breaks with relative easefollow.

The love of the iPhone is mostly centered in its apps program. It has the most apps that are tailored for iOS, making it one of the most versatile phones out there. The iPhone is also famously easy to use, which is why it has held its edge against the GSIII as long as it has. People enjoy what they know. Editing documents and putting together presentations on the fly is a little bit more difficult on the iPhone, though.

BlackBerry Z10

This is BlackBerry’s (unofficial) return to the phone world. There was a period where the iPhone and Android devices were just too much to handle. But the BlackBerry has always remained relevant in the business world. Nothing has really changed with the BlackBerry Z10.

BlackBerry still boasts one of the most secure systems for phones. They’ve also got the easiest access to email. For any busy business professional, that is pretty important. But, the phone company moved away from the physical keyboard that was long its hallmark, and into the realm of the touchscreen keyboard.

What used to be a huge advantage for BlackBerry was the BlackBerry Messenger feature, but now reports have surfaced that RIM (the maker of the BlackBerry) is going to start offering a free version of BBM for iPhone and Android. This is great for iPhone and Android, but what they don’t have is the security that BlackBerry has.

BlackBerry also introduced an interesting feature. You can now share presentations and other documents with others while in the middle of a video chat. When one user pulls it up, they both get to view it right there on the screen, making changes to documents a more teamwork-oriented task.

And, with the BlackBerry 10 costfollow, this is probably one of the best business phones out there.

Ultimately, the question becomes: what do you use your phone for? Whether or not you can use it effectively for business is entirely dependent on what it is that you need. If you need a great camera, the GSIII and iPhone are going to be great options. If you need security and other presentation advantages, BlackBerry is your phone.

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