What to Look for When Choosing a Law Firm

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Because most people rarely need a lawyer, knowing what to look for and how to select an appropriate legal professional can be daunting. However, most people also know the importance of working with a great lawyer who is skilled, experienced, knowledgeable and equipped to support them through the situation they are facing. So, what should you look for?

Experience and Ability

It is imperative you are confident that the law firm you select is experienced and has the required legal abilities to support you to achieve a result that is fair and correct. Throughout the process, the legal firm that you work with should provide you with attentive service of the highest quality. A reputable and successful legal firm, such as Patinos Personal Lawyers, will be able to easily show you the qualifications and experience of their team, as well as that of their individual lawyers.

To get a better idea of the legal firms that you are considering, review their websites, have discussions with their lawyers, and consider your immediate reaction to how you are treated and the synergy that you feel with the firm.

A Track Record of Success

As well as experience in handling cases of a similar type to yours, the law firm that you work with should have a proven track record of success. Ask for information about the types of cases the firm has handled, the clients they have represented and the results they have achieved. When you better understand the work, specialisations and results of particular firms, you will have a much better sense of which one is right for you.

Bigger Does Not Mean Better

Some clients feel compelled to work with larger law firms and believe that larger firms offer more credibility and security. However, when selecting a law firm, bigger does not necessarily mean better. Keep in mind that, because many large firms manage hundreds or thousands of cases at any one time, no one client receives a considerable amount of devoted attention. Large firms tend to process cases in groups and this can mean that the particular, individual features of a case can be overlooked. Sometimes, clients experience frustration when working with larger firms and feel they do not receive adequate attention.

Fee Structure

Before committing to any law firm, you must know the fee structure and the conditions under which payment is made. Different arrangements exist and different firms work in different ways, so you really do need to have a full and complete understanding of how you will be charged, the amounts you need to pay, and the frequency of payment.

Clear Communication

Look for a firm that offers you advice and takes the time to explain things clearly and in accessible language; you should not be subjected to and challenged to decipher legal jargon.

Ensure that the legal firm you work with is experienced, appropriately qualified and specialises in the area of law most relevant to your case. Do your research, compare your options and seek the advice of others when selecting a law firm to give yourself the best possible chance of a fair and successful result.

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