What Are The Benefits of Using An Outplacement Service?

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No matter how much it is needed, any kind of organisational change can cause some upheaval in workplaces. When change includes retrenchments, redundancies or other kinds of restructures, the process needs to be managed carefully.

Redundancy announcements can cause a ripple effect whereby even levels of the business who aren’t affected may start to feel uneasy, wondering if they will be next. Naturally, the impact on the people losing their jobs and their direct colleagues cannot be overstated. Outplacement Services provide invaluable support and assistance to organisations who are experiencing career transition with individual or groups of staff. Read on to find out why you should consider one to help guide you and your staff through the process.

They Are Professionals

Even organisations with a robust human resources department may be ill-equipped to handle the situation and the bosses or managers of staff affected need to be supported by the business. There are specialist companies who can assist, and many of the large human resources firms like are also qualified and experienced. Visit www.chandlermacleod.com for an example of the types of services that can be provided.

It Helps Set Staff Up For the Next Stage of Their Life

Outplacement Services don’t stop at helping management. There are a number of workshops and training sessions that can be done with outgoing staff to help them move on. From emotional support services like counselling through to updating their resume and handling their next job interview, there is a vast range of options and add-ons available.

It Makes Sure You Keep Working through Changes

People leaving the company are not the only ones impacted and big announcements and changes like redundancies in a workplace can negatively impact morale and productivity. Staff staying in the business will experience a rollercoaster of emotions too and need to be communicated with openly and have the opportunity for their questions and concerns to be heard. Engaging Outplacement Services can help to ensure that disruption to ongoing workplace operations is minimised and managed.

It Can Save Your Reputation

Even if your redundancy levels aren’t high enough to make headlines, these kinds of changes can still have a negative impact on the company’s image. Customers and clients may wonder if you’ll still be trading and there may be some unrest and dissatisfaction because of the decision. Deciding when, how, and what to tell other stakeholders are all big decisions that can benefit from external consultation.

Change is inevitable, especially during tumultuous times. While facts, figures and data often leads to the decision being made to restructure, it is important to remember that ultimately it is real people who will be affected most. Supporting and managing the needs of employees and stakeholders is just as important as keeping the business running through the process. Outplacement Services can help you balance it all and make for a smoother transition.

Have you ever gone through redundancies or restructures? Did you feel you were well supported through the process?

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