Want to Help Your Business Grow? Improving Your English Could Be the Answer

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Did you know your English skills could be holding your business back? While most of us consider our English to be impeccable, it may surprise you to learn that improvements can always be made. It isn’t just those who don’t speak English as a first language that could benefit from additional English lessons. This is especially true when it comes to business writing. So how exactly can improving your English help your company to grow?

Poor communication and language skills can negatively impact sales

One of the biggest problems that can occur due to poor language and communication skills in business is a loss of profits. There have been several studies carried out to determine just how important good communication skills are. A Bersin and Associates study for example, showed businesses who were able to communicate their strategies clearly and precisely, were 113 times more likely to gain higher profits as well as efficiency.

Another survey revealed that around 83% of employees stated poor language skills in business led to a negative impact on profitability and sales.

How improved English can help

From the studies carried out, it’s obvious just how important it is for businesses to have a good grasp of the English language. So what areas specifically can improving your English help with? Well, with improvement, you’ll find it helps with:

  • Writing business reports and emails
  • Making conference and phone calls
  • Taking part in and hosting meetings
  • Negotiating a sale
  • Carrying out presentations

It has so many benefits that can really help to push your business forward. Most importantly, it gives you the confidence you need to communicate at every level. Whether you’re negotiating with clients and suppliers, or giving instructions to the team, a good grasp of English will help you to do all of these things with confidence.

Why type of course should I do?

There are a lot of English courses out there and the one you should undertake depends entirely upon your current ability. However, whichever course you do choose to undergo, be sure you opt for a reliable, respected online learning company such as the T.T.I School of English Limited. There you can even take a specialised Business English course. This relates specifically to English skills you’ll need in business.

Overall regardless of your current ability, improving your English could be the key to growing your business. Helping you to communicate better and develop increased confidence when dealing with the day to day operations of your company will really help to push your business forward.

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