Top Tips on Instagram for marketing Your Jewellery Business

The photo-sharing based network Instagramfollow is growing at a very fast rate and becoming more and more popular by the minute!

According to Instagram’s Press Officefollow there are around 130 million active users and about 45 million photos added every day. Now they’re juicy stats! So if you aren’t using Instagram you may be missing out on huge marketing opportunities for your jewelleryfollow business.

Here are some top tips to help make Instagram work for you. If you are a jewellery designer or a wholesaler then Instagram is just right up your street and it’s a new way to show off your stunning jewellery collection. Why wouldn’t you want more people to see it!


Build Your Brand Personality: Use images to tell a story, but not necessarily blast your branding. Users are following you for a reason and it is a great way to show them you are human! If you are exhibiting at an event such as the Spring Fair, why not show the images from the day of the event on your Instagram feed. It may even help people to find your stand. May be adding a little promotion to your images to entice people who are at the event to come to your stand.

Use Hashtagsfollow as they so have that power

Like any other social network you will want to grow your following. The best way to do is with hashtags either create your own or be sure to add in a top trending one relating to your business and products. As like twitter you can find who is talking about you or your business.

Hashtags enable you to find others who are interested in similar products that you may offer.

Build Engagement

This can be done by asking questions. Instagram a perfect tool for engagement because captions give you the ability to ask questions or start a poll. Just don’t make your questions too text-heavy; remember that you want to portray your brand as interactive and engaging as possible. Users are also able to tag you with their response answers, or even that hashtag you created.

Show Your Products:

You have fab jewellery products so you want to show them off. Why not show off your full collection. Remember to share not so many at once as you don’t want people to stop following you because you have taken over their feed. Start today adding your products via instagram.

You can use Instagram to share a sneak peak of your new Summer 2013 collection for example. A fabulous way to build the anticipation about your new products and your next exhibition. You can even make it in to a contest to make your followers feel special.

Expand Your Audience:

If you are reading this post thinking oh god another social network to manage on top of Facebookfollow and Twitter. Well Instagram has the capability of sharing photos posted with other social media networks such as Flickrfollow and Tumblr. Taking advantage of this toll is a great way to join in on the larger conversations throughout all of the platforms. Remember to add in the Hashtags for the networks that use them.

Behind the Scenes of your business

As human beings, we are naturally very curious. Posting photo breakdowns of how exactly a jewellery is made or event is made would really be a fun and creative twist to interact with your audience. Even behind the scenes of a model photo shoot it’s a great way to help get a better understanding of your business.

A Day in the Life:

Now Instagram have added video you can show a day in the life your business, each week or month you could showcase an element of your business or employee.

Be Creative:

Your followers will not want to see generic stock photos, boring store images or text-heavy images. Put your creative hat on and personalize your photos. Don’t forget Instagram has some oh-so-trendy filters!

Be Consistent:

Based on our experience, we advise this one the most. You want to post photos on Instagram often enough to where people realize you exist and have you top-of-mind. A great way to avoid this is to create a strategy for Instagram so you don’t end up adding random images. Keep focused!

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