Top Tips for Building the Right Office Environment

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Creating the right office environment is crucial to your businesses’ success. A happy and motivated workforce produce a much better output, in turn making you a bigger profit. By creating an environment which stimulates better working relations and is a place employees enjoy, you’ll instantly see results. Here are the top tips for creating the perfect office environment:

  1. Break Areas

Budget for break out areas. One of the main things that dominate modern offices are break out areas where employees can chill out and escape from work for a while. Although this doesn’t sound like it would be good for productivity levels, studies have proven that employees that have social areas work better together than those without. A space where people can regularly take a break from work to recharge their batteries can be hugely beneficial to aiding creativity. Try putting games there or lounge space so employees can really relax.

  1. Invest in Quality

With new studies each day saying how damaging office work is for our bodies, showing your employees you care about their health by investing in top quality furniture is a must. Standing desks are really popular at the moment and by getting some in your new office it shows you care about your employees. Other good ideas are things like ergonomic chairs and brain gym equipment to keep staff fit and healthy whilst at work.

  1. Keep it Light

The more natural light the better. With most office workers spending the vast majority of their days staring at a screen, making sure the lighting is as good as possible to help look after their eyes is important. Things like interior walls and dividers between desks can block light and give the office a more cluttered feel by opening up space you’ll create more room and better lighting. Bear in mind, in winter it gets darker much earlier so you’ll have to have sufficient artificial lighting for the darker months.

  1. Don’t Get Carried Away with Design

Great office design is obviously hugely important but don’t let it get in the way of the practicalities. Thinking about things like where the toilets are going to be in relation to the kitchen and how many computers you’ll need to plug in the same area are really important and can cause huge problems if not planned out properly. At Electrical Guys, there’s a huge range of plugs and socket styles so you can make sure your essential electricals blend in with your design themes easily.

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