Top Online Marketing Tips for the Holidays You Can Follow

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Real entrepreneurs know no holidays. Why? Because the holiday season is the zenith for sales in many businesses.

A recent study has found that during the holidays, sales increase at about 12.1%. Therefore, the holiday season is the perfect time for businesses to increase their marketing efforts. Here is a list containing numerous tips that your business can follow when preparing an online marketing strategy for the holiday season – without losing your brand’s identity:

1. Maximize Layout and Image Options

During the holiday time, people often alter their fashion style to go with the season. T-shirts, shorts and sandals are replaced with hats, jackets and boots. This idea applies not only to fashion, but also to business’ websites and social networking platforms.

Like changing your wardrobe, you have to dress up your website and social media accounts for the occasion. It is necessary to get people excited about the upcoming holidays with the aesthetic appeal of your business’ website and social media accounts. It is imperative to portray a merry and inviting atmosphere by adding the colors fit for the season. For example, this Christmas season you can use photos on your website and social media accounts that have an abundance of reds and greens. You can also utilize images people associate with the holidays, such as Christmas trees, reindeer or, Santa Claus.

2. Publish Holiday-Themed Content

Make the most out of your blog posts. You should publish content related to the upcoming holidays to add to the excitement of the season. When you post about the holidays, you should simultaneously associate the season’s joyous feelings with your company’s products or services. Take advantage of your blogging platform to promote your brand while raising awareness of the holiday season.

3. Strategize with Emails

Email marketing is an effective tool your business can utilize during the holiday season. In your emails you can send discounts, sales and other related announcements about your products or services to both loyal and potential customers. Customers love receiving discounts and freebies, and use of email marketing is a strategic approach to accomplishing this objective.

4. Appeal to the Emotions of the Consumer

Effective advertisements tap into the emotions of consumers. The holidays inherently provide an emotional mindset for the consumer, providing you with an exceptional advantage. Create a plan with ways in which you can connect with your customers on an emotional level. The more they can relate to your marketing strategies, the more they will find your products or services appealing. One of the most successful companies to have done this is Coca-Cola.

5. Be Active on Social Media

Similarly to blogs and websites, social media has the ability to reach out to a myriad of people at a tremendously quick pace. Update your social media accounts with holiday-themed posts to emit an expressive holiday spirit. Associate your products or services with the holiday season in order to encourage purchases. To help promote your social media posts, particularly for Instagram, you can gain assistance from Vibbi.


The holiday season is the perfect time to offer your products and services. Everyone is looking for the perfect gift for friends and family, and as a marketer, it is important to make sure you utilize this time to promote your business. Always remember to maintain your brand’s image amidst your holiday-themed promotion.

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