Top Five Places To Use SEO

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SEO is an important part of your online business and marketing strategy. If you aren’t using it then you may not be attracting all of the people you could be to buy your products and services. There is a good deal of companies offering help with your search engine optimization plans, and that can be a great investment for even the longest standing business.

There is a lot that goes into SEO, from linking to using the right keywords. You need to study the keywords that are right for your business and how much competition you’ll have using them (or are people even searching those keywords?). It can get a little overwhelming for someone that has other daily job duties to do as well, especially when you consider all of the places you should be using SEO.

Your Website

You need to be using SEO on your website itself. That’s probably one of the most important places. Even if you have a free site through Wix or WordPress, you still have options for ensuring you use the right keywords and metadata.

If all this seems confusing to you, take some time to do a little research on the terms that are confusing. There is a ton of information online that can be very useful when it comes to making sure you’ve created a website that will easily be searchable through search engines.

Your Blog

Keywords are going to be just as important on your blog as they are on your website. Your blog is kind of like your website’s right-hand man. Use it wisely.

This is also an excellent place to use link building. When people read your blog posts it’s likely you’re not going to give them every single detail on a subject, there’s just not enough room for that. By linking to outside sources where they can get more info you’re helping them, just make sure to do your research so you’re linking to credible sources.

Your Social Media

Social media is also a great place for link building. Share industry related articles from other credible sources and it will be noticed. You also want to continue your website and blog keywords on your social media sites, whether you’re using them in a status message or hashtagging them.

Your Newsletter

If you have an online or email newsletter you’re giving yourself another outlet for using both keywords and link building. The key to a successful newsletter is to keep it relevant and to not use it as a spam device. Only ship off your newsletter to people that have signed up for it, and never send more than one a week.

Your Online Advertising

Let your keywords follow into any advertising you do online, whether you have an ad on the front page of Google or a banner on your favorite news site. Those keywords, as well as your logo, are going to be some of the key things that people remember you by. Choose wisely.

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