Tools That Give Your Company a Chance against Corrupt Employees

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Whether operating alone or in a group, crooked employees always manage to find a way to bypass security measures and steal you blind no matter how theft-proof your organization is. These employees don’t just stop here. They are often involved in several other unlawful and corrupt activities as well. What’s worse is that they do not hesitate to use company-owned devices, including laptops, Android, and iPhone, for fulfilling their evil purposes. With every success, their level of confidence increases and so does the amount of danger they pose to your company. You can put an end to this by bringing employee monitoring solutions into the picture. These corporate management tools help you in detecting and dealing with corrupt employees by keeping tabs on their web-connected electronic devices. Although there are several options available in the online market these days, only a few of them are truly capable of giving you an edge over corrupt employees. Let’s take a look at three employee monitoring solutions that offer you a reliable defense against crooked elements.


When it comes to monitoring the digital behavior of employees on iPhone and other web-connected devices, StealthMate spy software goes to great lengths to help you nip the evil in the bud. This corporate tool follows a proactive approach when it comes to keeping your business secrets safe. Most employees involved in corruption, data theft, and other crimes erase their browsing history, email logs, text messages and call logs, etc., to avoid getting caught. StealthMate has the ability to save everything instantly so that you do not miss anything your employees do behind your back.

How it Counters Corrupt Employees

  • Checks the email logs of employees to identify any suspicious activity

  • Exposes employees who misuse company resources by keeping tabs on their browsing history

  • Monitors WhatsApp and SMS conversations to keep you informed on who they talk to and about what

  • Reveals location details of employees to let you know if they are where they should be during work hours, and if they are secretly meeting and working for a competitor

  • Generates detailed activity reports for deeper insights and better management

Mobile Spy

There is always this one rotten apple in every company that has a negative influence on others as well. Mobile Spy finds this rotten apple for you before it’s too late. Its powerful features, along with a user-friendly interface, are tailor-made to give you the peace of mind you crave. 

How it Counters Corrupt Employees

  • Exposes dishonest and disloyal employees by sharing their web activities

  • Logs emails to inform you if an employee tries to steal and leak business sensitive information

  • Tracks GPS location of mobile workforce to let you identify those employees who lie to you about their location or are not where they should be


With mSpy installed on company-owned devices, you do not need to worry about crooked employees continuing to make your business bleed while staying under the radar. It empowers you to sniff them out, confront them with evidence, and even take them to court with a high likelihood of walking away victorious.

How it Counters Corrupt Employees

  • Saves inbound and outbound employee emails to prevent sensitive data from leaving the company unnoticed

  • Logs photos to catch employees who leak data and other information through this medium

  • Log browsing history to expose employees who waste time online

  • Monitor keystrokes to detect employees who are either lazy, or engaged in suspicious activities

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