Tips to Maximize the Impact of Business Holiday E-cards as one of the Strongest Marketing Tools

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Business greeting cards are a time honored tradition to thank your clients or for reminding them that you have remembered them in an auspicious occasion. One of the most wonderful aspects of these cards is that they offer the combined benefit of cementing an emotional connect with the clients as well as promote your business by inserting company links and logos on the cards. On the downside, however, there are practically thousands of businesses sending out these greeting cards to clients, vendors and partners. So, it gets a tad too difficult to ensure that the card that you are sending out is different from others and helps you to maximize its impact. Here are a few tips with the help of which you can expect to drum up sales.

Show your hard work

You literally will not have to spell out how hard you have worked on each of the cards— instead let your work “show” it. Personalization, here, is key to your clients’ hearts. Steer clear from overused designs and select custom cards and insert brand logo. Incorporate graphics that mirror your company policies. Don’t be afraid to show your creativity with your message as well. Get the best of creative minds (from among your employees) on board and frame personal messages. Keep it simple, unique and make sure that it, once again, reflects your company culture.

All this will take time. You can’t really expect to ride high on last minute selections of business cards and sending them out with “stock” messages and designs to your clients. So, invest due time to select cards, customize designs and add personalized messages. A special tip would be to get these corporate christmas ecardshand-signed by each of the staff members.

Do not forget that the ultimate purpose of sending out these cards is marketing

These greeting cards are often treated as selfless demonstration of appreciation from your end. However, do not forget that their ultimate purpose is to fetch you more business. So, do not feel ashamed to step up your efforts to that end. Please feel free to include a website URL in the card or add a future offer at the back of the card. However, please do not go overboard with your promotional ways by spelling out your commercial aspirations on the mail subject itself. Do not say something like “Open this greeting card for great offers”. Embrace due subtlety in this regard.

Do not leave out anyone

Refer to your database carefully before sending out these greeting cards. You might have clients from the same field of business. If any one of them comes to know that you have sent out cards to one of his peers and have left him out he might even go on forming a whole different opinion about your brand— and that’s probably not a positive one.


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