Tips For Designing Your Business Look

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Your business’s look has a lot to do with your name, your logo, your color choices, and even what your website and signage looks like. You want to create something recognizable that can be spread across channels.

People do have a tendency to judge a book by its cover, so you want your business to look great. Your logo or your website could be what draws people to your business in the first place, and then your excellent products and customer service will help keep them around. But you need to get them to your business first.

Hire A Pro

You may want to consider hiring a company or a professional of some sort to do some of your design work for you. There are companies that can make your business signs, whether it’s something to put over the door on your brick and mortar or a banner to hang from your canopy at an art convention.

You can make your own signs, and even print your own business cards, but sometimes paying someone else to do these things for you can actually save you money. Plus you may come away with a far more professional looking product than if you tried to DIY it.

Get A Logo

Your business needs a logo. Just like the golden arches and McDonald’s, your logo will give people something simple to associate with your name and each time they see it they’ll think of your business. Think up something that works well with what your business has to offer.

Logos can be fun and creative, or they can be simple. Wendy’s redhead girl is less than a simple design, but everyone recognizes that logo. The golden arches and even the Nike check mark are extremely simple designs that are known all over the world.

Consider Colors

Your logo and website need to have the right colors. Different colors evoke different feelings for people, so you want to know what colors will make people want to spend money (green), or if food is your business, what colors make people hungry (red and yellow).

You may also want to consider what colors are the most popular for the year, or for the season. These popular colors may be more attractive and recognizable, but they may also be overused.

Use Your Look Across Platforms

Once you have your logo, your design, and your colors all picked out, you need to make sure you are using them all across your business platforms. This means using them both online and off. Have your logo on your sign, on your business card, and even on your website.

Design your sign, website, and your business cards with the same color schemes as well. It will make them all fit well, and people will be more likely to remember your business when they see those colors!

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