Three Steps to Running an Effective Business Meeting

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As a manger in a successful business, being able to lead the perfect meeting is essential. Although leading a meeting can be daunting, there are lots of different ways to ensure yours is a success. A great way to start is by assessing the different factors which can affect whether a meeting goes well or not. These include who the chairman is, the location, attendees and subject matter. But how can you lead the perfect meeting? Here’s three steps you should take to conduct an effective business meeting.


Location is crucial to ensuring your meeting goes well. Without the right setting your words can often get lost, especially if surroundings are distracting or, the room is too hot, too cold or if attendees are cramped. Investing in sourcing the perfect meeting room is well worth it. It’s a great idea to try serviced offices like the ones sourced by London Executive Offices Their offices are based in some of the most prestigious areas of London including Belgravia and Knightsbridge and come fully furnished with concierge services, food and beverage assistants as well as top of the range video conferencing facilities.


An important meeting needs to be scheduled at the right time with the attendees given enough notice. It can often make a meeting seem less important or have less impact if senior members of staff are not in attendance, so making sure it’s scheduled for a time when everyone important can attend is essential. It’s also good to avoid times of the day which can cause delays or complications such as early mornings as people can get stuck in traffic and will need some time before to prepare for the meeting. Friday afternoons too are a definite no no. Usually a mid-morning meeting between 10-12am is the best time here employees are still fresh and prepared.

The chairman

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Whether you’re the chairman or someone else is chairing the meeting it’s vital that attendees are kept interested. Some of the best meetings are often not led by the most senior members of staff but by those with the most charisma. Although it’s not always appropriate sometimes a funny joke or interesting video can help to keep employees focused on topic so they’re not day dreaming about other things. Vary presentation styles so they’re not repetitive and keep asking questions and involving your attendees.

By following these top 3 tips you’ll be well on your way to leading the perfect business meeting. If you’re meeting is going to be long and last over a few hours providing refreshments and allowing for bathroom breaks is also advisable to make sure attendees are comfortable.

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