Three Reasons You Should Invest In Security

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Protecting your business from both physical and virtual threat has never been more paramount, and yet some businesses are still reluctant to invest in this vital area. If you’re one of them, here are just three of the many benefits that prove investing in security provides for a brighter business future.

Prevents Vandalism and Theft

The most obvious reason to invest in security is to prevent damage to your property, or your goods being stolen. If your business is a mobile service, then protecting your vans, trucks and cars from theft is a must, and the same can be said if you have expensive equipment or a warehouse full of goods on-site. If you lack the measures to prevent crimes being committed, such as alarms, automated protective gates, CCTV and so on, then a break-in doesn’t just halt your ability to provide your service until everything can be replaced, but it can also massively increase your insurance premium. Security issues are always calculated as a factor in insurance quotes, so you could already be losing money by not thinking strategically.

Reduces Risk To Data and Increases Speed

Speaking of vandalism and theft, this doesn’t just occur on your premises, but on your network too. Hackers and viruses can range from those created simply to wreak havoc with your system, to more serious crimes where your data, intellectual property and client details can all be stolen for private profit. Over the last four years, the number of successful cyber attacks on businesses has increased by 144% – this is a shocking statistic for many companies, but with the right measures, you can ensure that yours doesn’t add to it.

There are also attacks which are far subtler in their approach; constant spam emails to staff and trojan viruses are incredibly common, slowing your system and halting productivity for your staff. These can easily be monitored by investing in some anti-virus software and spam-filtering systems, and many of them have free trials for businesses.

Worker Peace of Mind

Finally, you have a duty of care to your employees, and by investing in security, you show that you care about their safety. This gives them a peace of mind but also increases their belief in you as an employer, increasing morale and making them want to work harder for you. They’re safe in the knowledge that if they need to work late, they can leave the building and walk to their car without feeling anxious, as they’re in a gated, locked compound. Don’t underestimate the many benefits that come with ensuring a secure, long-term business strategy.

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