Things to consider before expanding your business abroad

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Expanding your business overseas is one of the most exciting and profitable ventures a business owner can make. From tapping into new markets, to attracting new customers and making a whole host of new contacts and opening doors to possible business ventures, if your company is in a financial position to expand to markets abroad there is no reason not to. But what things should you consider before making the leap?

Language barriers

Usually the language barrier is the first big hurdle to jump. Communication with other countries in Europe tends to be much easier as countries are used to keeping up with one another whereas going further afield may be more taxing. Hiring a member of staff who speaks the other language fluently as the main point of contact is a good idea as is learning the language yourself in order to easily keep up communications.

Cultural differences

The way that we do business in the UK is very different to in other parts of the world. Some countries are much friendlier, others more relaxed and some work much more fast faced. In France for example it’s highly likely for meetings to start late and run much later than anticipated whereas arriving to a meeting late in Germany is hugely frowned upon. Bear this in mind for things like conference calls where dialling in on time is a sign of punctuality in the UK.

Time zones

Working with other businesses who operate in a similar time zone to the UK is advisable. If you do expand overseas to the US you need to be prepared as a business to work different hours in order to successfully maintain communications within their day-to-day working hours. Most EU businesses operate within a similar time scale with just a few hours’ time difference.


Organising the logistics of doing business overseas can be daunting if you’ve never done businesses internationally before. But, it becomes one of least challenging aspects when working with an experienced courier service. A company like Parcel2go gets you the best quote on overseas deliveries by working with a number of trusted international delivery companies who manage the whole process of shipping your goods, so all you have to worry about is packaging them properly.

Expanding your business abroad is a hugely profitable venture. By following these handy tips before starting out you’ll be sure to be able to give it the best possible shot, so what are you waiting for, make the leap today!

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