The small business guide to following employment law

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Following the law can feel like such a bother sometimes, can’t it? You’re a high-flying, jet-setting, suited, booted, Gordon Gecko type, sucking on cigars, fine claret and high-end caviar. What time do you have to ensure that health and safety legislation or worker’s minimum wages are being followed in your business?

Well, if you want to stay within the law, you’ll have to set aside time in order to sidestep complaints, industrial action and maybe even employment tribunals.

More than this, what type of boss do you want to be? Do you want to seem like an evil, moustachioed villain who ties their employees to the proverbial train tracks? Or, do you want to be the hero who ensures that your employees get all the help they need for a safe working environment?

If it’s the latter, here are a few tips your business will have to follow.

Keep it healthy and safe

You might think of a slip, trip or a fall as a relatively minor mishap in your business – but it could cost you thousands of pounds. With the help of a personal injury claim lawyer, your employee will ensure that they get their just compensation after an accident in your workplace.

Indeed, according to legal site In Brief, a simple case of whiplash could lead to an employer forking out up to £12,000 – and that’s one of the smaller sums.

It’s for this reason that your business should ensure that it’s got as many safety measures in place as it can. While you could be satisfied by staying in line with health and safety legislation, go one step furtherforreal peace of mind.

Implement security cameras on your premises to document any accident and determine who the culprit is. That way, you’ll see that no claims come your way.

Make it fair for all

Equality is a concept that a lot of people seem to hold in contempt. “It’s political correctness gone mad,” they screech, as though being fair to people was in some way a ridiculous idea.

The truth is that many businesses don’t follow strict equality laws, simply because they’re easy enough to shirkunless the employee has overwhelming evidence. Don’t let your business be a shirker. If anyone is being discriminated against, ensure that the person responsible is reprimanded.

After all, if workers aren’t all treated fairly, how can they do their best job?

Let workers know their rights

It might seem disadvantageous for your employees to know their rights inside-out, but it can actually prove entirely beneficial to you. A clued-up workforce are actually more likely to come to you with potential issues in the workplace, meaning that you can rectify situations with rapidity instead of letting them snowball.

With a workforce that knows the law, you’re in the position of being able to work with rather than against them. So, quaff that caviar all you like – but remember that it’s your workers who got you where you are.

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