The New Ford Transit Revolutionizes the Cargo Vehicle

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The old school cargo vehicle was all about performing a thankless task. People have long complained that these vehicles, which have been made for decades by a variety of manufacturers, look like boxes. And that, in essence, is what they were: boxes with wheels. Boxes for hauling, boxes for containing, boxes for cramming things into. It was a thankless task for the cargo van, and a lot of the owners weren’t very pleased about the situation either. These were the vans “down by the river” that Chris Farley used to talk about. Though they did technically get the job done, these weren’t vehicles that many businesses wanted to be visibly associated with. It was just too…depressing.

But today the Ford Transit is changing all of that. The new Transit is made to scale its size, design, and appearance to the needs of individual businesses. And they do it in a variety of ways. For one, the Ford Transit doesn’t come in a standard size. Instead, owners will have different lengths and heights to choose from, because not every business moves the same stuff. As profiled in the video ad series for the Ford Transit, some businesses move people, some businesses move huge pieces of equipment, some businesses move tiny little parts that need to stay organized. The Transit is adaptable for all of these things.

Take plumbing, for example. In the video series, a plumber how he can organize tiny little component in parts, in the Transit’s optional shelving. He can also haul enormous pipes and pieces, using the Transit’s superior floor space and length. Taking advantage of a completely different application of this sheer amount of size, another business owner in the series uses the Transit to ship people, dragging the business’s cargo (outdoor adventure gear) in a trailer behind the whole rig. There are more applications than the ones in this series, but it’s enough to show you some great possibilities.

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